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  1. Commodification
  2. Not in My Back Yard (NIMBY)
  3. Residents’ Protests
  4. Sharing Economy
  5. The Covid-pandemic has ended. Again.
  6. Mine, yours and ‘shared’ The ethical discourse of collaborative consumption
  7. A systematic review of ethical issues in hospitality and tourism innovation
  8. Preparing Hospitality Graduates for a Volatile Future: The need for “Field Problem Solvers”
  9. Eiffel Tower and Big Ben, or 'off the beaten track'? Centripetal demand in Airbnb
  10. What’s mine is yours—but at what price? Dynamic pricing behavior as an indicator of Airbnb host professionalization
  11. The future of hotels
  12. Airbnb: the future of networked hospitality businesses
  13. jvm
  14. Editorial
  15. Editorial
  16. Tourism in Tomorrow's World, 23‐24 February 2014, Renaissance City Center Hotel Doha, Qatar
  17. A new state in Europe? Scenarios for Catalan self-determination