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  1. Visual Rhetoric and the Power of Imagery: A Brief Lesson in the Rhetorical Power of Images and the Need for phronesis and krisis in the Teaching of Visual Rhetoric
  2. Experiencing multimodal rhetoric and argumentation in political advertisements: a study of how people respond to the rhetoric of multimodal communication
  3. The other other. Representations and rhetorical estrangement of anti-immigration positions in Scandinavian print media, 1970 – 2016
  4. Argumentum ad solidaritatem: Rhetorical Leadership Strategies in Scandinavia During COVID-19
  5. The Rhetoric of Digital Presentation Tools in Politics: The Case of Visual Knowledge in President Obama's Enhanced State Of the Union
  6. Royal Interventions in the Public Discourse on Immigration
  7. Working through immigration with images
  8. The rhetoric of sound, the sound of arguments three propositions, three questions, and an afterthought for the study of sonic and multimodal argumentation
  9. Visual rhetorical argumentation