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  1. The taste for the particular: A logic of discernment in an age of omnivorousness
  2. Lafite in China
  3. Not a simple coffee shop: local, global and glocal dimensions of the consumption of Starbucks in China
  4. Familiness as a form of value for wineries: a preliminary account
  5. Using family heritage to market wines
  6. Are we all cultural intermediaries now? An introduction to cultural intermediaries in context
  7. Provenance as a filtering and framing device in the qualification of wine
  8. Provenance and the liminality of production and consumption: The case of wine promoters
  9. Cultural Intermediaries and the Media
  10. The personal is professional
  11. Looking good
  12. Surveillance
  13. Technologies (of Domination/of The Self)
  14. Leisure and the Obligation of Self‐Work: An Examination of the Fitness Field
  15. Fit for Consumption
  16. Consumers and Consumption
  17. Body Lessons