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  1. Lactation and Maternal Cardio-Metabolic Health
  2. Zika Virus Disease: A CDC Update for Pediatric Health Care Providers
  3. Update: Interim Guidelines for Health Care Providers Caring for Infants and Children with Possible Zika Virus Infection — United States, February 2016
  4. Provision of Non-Breast Milk Supplements to Healthy Breastfed Newborns in the Hospital, 2009 to 2013
  5. Live neonates born to mothers with Ebola virus disease: a review of the literature
  6. Trends of US Hospitals Distributing Infant Formula Packs to Breastfeeding Mothers, 2007 to 2013
  7. Weight Management-Related Assessment and Counseling by Primary Care Providers in an Area of High Childhood Obesity Prevalence: Current Practices and Areas of Opportunity
  8. Brief Training in Patient-Centered Counseling for Healthy Weight Management Increases Counseling Self-efficacy and Goal Setting Among Pediatric Primary Care Providers