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  1. Warlords and coalition politics in post-Soviet states, by Jesse Driscoll, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2015, 264 pp., $29.99, ISBN 9781107478046
  2. Can community-based land adjudication and registration improve household land tenure security? Evidence from Afghanistan
  3. Coercive capacity, land reform and political order in Afghanistan
  4. Securing Afghanistan: from the inside out
  5. When does the emergence of a stationary bandit lead to property insecurity?
  6. Does the sequence of land reform and political reform matter? Evidence from state-building in Afghanistan
  7. Afghanistan: A Vicious Cycle of State Failure
  8. Informal Order and the State in Afghanistan
  9. Can a Shale Gas Revolution Save Central and South Asia?
  10. Establishing Local Government in Fragile States: Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan
  11. Bad Medicine
  12. The origins of private property rights: states or customary organizations?
  13. Afghanistan in 2014
  14. Gaming the state: consequences of contracting out state building in Afghanistan
  15. Social Identity and Voting in Afghanistan: Evidence from a Survey Experiment
  16. Anarchy, self-governance, and legal titling
  17. Coloured by revolution: the political economy of autocratic stability in Uzbekistan
  18. Changing Poverty, Changing Policies
  19. Armed with Practice: Learning to Engage with the Military
  20. List of interviews and focus groups
  21. Research design and fieldwork appendix
  22. Customary organizations and support for the state
  23. The political economy of village governance
  24. The architecture of village governance
  25. The Afghan state in historical perspective
  26. Conclusion
  27. Works cited
  28. Statistical appendix
  29. Map
  30. Glossary
  31. Preface
  32. Introduction
  33. Cooperation among communities
  34. Federalism, Afghan style