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  1. Comparing Interventions With Speech-Generating Devices and Other Augmentative and Alternative Communication Modes: A Meta-Analysis
  2. Hybrid Telepractice Delivery of Enhanced Milieu Teaching: Effects on Caregiver Implementation and Child Communication
  3. A Systematic Review of Augmented Input Interventions and Exploratory Analysis of Moderators
  4. Teaching Preschoolers With Down Syndrome Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication Modeling During Small Group Dialogic Reading
  5. Brief Report: Evaluation of the Noncontingent Provision of Fidget Toys During Group Activities
  6. A Systematic Review of Instructional Comparisons in Single-Case Research
  7. Component Analysis of Stay, Play, Talk Interventions With and Without Self-Monitored Group Contingencies and Recorded Reminders
  8. Systematic Use of Visual Analysis for Assessing Outcomes in Single Case Design Studies
  9. No Randomization? No Problem
  10. The Effects of Antecedent Exercise on Engagement During Large Group Activities for Young Children
  11. Massed Trials Versus Trials Embedded Into Game Play: Child Outcomes and Preference
  12. Improving the Use of Evidence-Based Instructional Practices for Paraprofessionals
  13. Using Teacher-Implemented Playground Interventions to Increase Engagement, Social Behaviors, and Physical Activity for Young Children With Autism
  14. What Equivocal Data From Single Case Comparison Studies Reveal About Evidence-Based Practices in Early Childhood Special Education
  15. Antecedent Social Skills Interventions for Individuals With ASD: What Works, for Whom, and Under What Conditions?
  16. Peer Modeling of Commenting During Small Group Direct Instruction for Academic Behaviors
  17. Research for Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
  18. Identifying Issues and Concerns With the Use of Interval-Based Systems in Single Case Research Using a Pilot Simulation Study