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  1. The intergroup level
  2. Distrust as a form of inequality
  3. Impact of interracial contact on inferring mental states from facial expressions
  4. IPOC Database: A Free Database of Interracial Police Officer-Civilian Interaction Videos
  5. Punishing the greedy high status people
  6. Status beyond what meets the eye
  7. Black “Reading the Mind in the Eyes” task: The development of a task assessing mentalizing from black faces
  8. The social neuroscience of race-based and status-based prejudice
  9. Intergroup contact throughout the lifespan modulates implicit racial biases across perceivers’ racial group
  10. Social status level and dimension interactively influence person evaluations indexed by P300s
  11. How Social Status Shapes Person Perception and Evaluation: A Social Neuroscience Perspective
  12. Rapid race perception despite individuation and accuracy goals
  13. Racial stereotypes impair flexibility of emotional learning
  14. The Neural Mechanisms of Prejudice Intervention
  15. The role of expression and race in weapons identification.
  16. The neuroscience of race
  17. Genetic Contributions to Intergroup Responses: A Cautionary Perspective
  18. Knowing You Beyond Race: The Importance of Individual Feature Encoding in the Other-Race Effect
  19. Multiple cues in social perception: The time course of processing race and facial expression
  20. Relying on the Kindness of Perceived Artificial Intelligence: Role of agency, status, and generosity in human-agent trust