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  1. Conclusion
  2. Introduction
  3. Saint-Pierre’s exiles: myths of origins and national identity
  4. Jowett’s scriptures: the moral life and the state
  5. Byron’s ‘Beauties’: national heroines and defenders of liberty
  6. Overstone’s ‘Negromania’: justness and justice at home and abroad
  7. Tennyson’s nationalism: epic and lyric in Idylls of the King
  8. An analysis of Malvina Hoffman's "Hall of the Races of Mankind" in the Field Museum.
  9. Jeff Rosen. Review of "Scenes in a Library: Reading the Photograph in the Book, 1843–1875" by Carol Armstrong.
  10. L'Afrique par Elle-Même
  11. Naming and framing ‘Nature’ inPhotographie Zoologique
  12. Atget's populism
  13. The Political Economy of Graphic Art Production during the July Monarchy
  14. The Printed Photograph and the Logic of Progress in Nineteenth-Century France
  15. Front Matter
  16. Introduction
  17. Index
  18. Conclusion
  19. Note to the reader
  20. Table of Contents
  21. Acknowledgements
  22. Saint-Pierre’s exiles:
  23. Jowett’s scriptures:
  24. Overstone’s ‘Negromania’:
  25. Grote’s Hellenism:
  26. Tennyson’s nationalism:
  27. North’s gardens: