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  1. Novel rapid room temperature synthesis of conjugated microporous polymer for metal-free photocatalytic degradation of fluoroquinolones
  2. Understanding the roles of variable Pd(II)/Pd(0) ratio supported on conjugated poly-azobenzene network: From characteristic alteration in properties to their cooperation towards visible-light-induced selective hydrogenation
  3. Degradation of environmental contaminants by topical heterogeneous photocatalysts
  4. Synergistic performance of a sub-nanoscopic cobalt and imidazole grafted porous organic polymer for CO2 fixation to cyclic carbonates under ambient pressure without a co-catalyst
  5. Porous organic polymer composites as surging catalysts for visible-light-driven chemical transformations and pollutant degradation
  6. Conjugated mesoporous polyazobenzene–Pd(II) composite: A potential catalyst for visible-light-induced Sonogashira coupling
  7. Synthesis and characterization of chitosan-based waterborne polyurethane for textile finishes
  8. Dataset on the development of palladium nanoparticle decorated colloidal porous organic polymer for photocatalytic Suzuki coupling
  9. Pd-nanoparticle decorated azobenzene based colloidal porous organic polymer for visible and natural sunlight induced Mott-Schottky junction mediated instantaneous Suzuki coupling
  10. Engineered synthesis of hierarchical porous organic polymers for visible light and natural sunlight induced rapid degradation of azo, thiazine and fluorescein based dyes in a unique mechanistic pathway
  11. Snapshots of encapsulated porphyrins and heme enzymes in metal-organic materials: A prevailing paradigm of heme mimicry
  12. Metal organic frameworks mimicking natural enzymes: a structural and functional analogy