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  1. Optimal Designs of Air Source Heat Pump Dryers
  2. Infrared radiation drying of chili
  3. CFD Simulation of Airflow Distribution in a Heat Pump-Assisted Deep-Bed Paddy Dryer
  4. Pulse-Width-Modulation Control of a Heat Pump Dryer with Cascade Evaporators and Parallel-Flow Condensers
  5. Drying turmeric ( Curcuma longa L.) using far‐Infrared radiation: Drying characteristics and process optimization
  6. Drying Performance of Coffee in a Batch-Type Heat Pump Dryer
  7. <i>Drying performance of coffee in a batch-type heat pump dryer</i>
  8. Design and development of a two wheel tractor driven coconut fertilizer applicator
  9. Roasting chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) using far-infrared radiation
  10. Use of Evaporative Water Cooling (EWC) in grinding chili