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  1. Temporal Trends in Clinician-Assessed and Patient-Reported Swallowing Outcomes in Oropharyngeal Cancer Patients
  2. Adherence to Home-Based Swallowing Therapy Using a Mobile System in Head and Neck Cancer Survivors
  3. Usability Testing of a mHealth System for Swallowing Therapy in Patients Following Stroke
  4. Associations Between Voice and Gestural Characteristics of Transgender Women and Self-Rated Femininity, Satisfaction, and Quality of Life
  5. Contributions of Voice and Nonverbal Communication to Perceived Masculinity–Femininity for Cisgender and Transgender Communicators
  6. Usability testing of an mHealth device for swallowing therapy in head and neck cancer survivors
  7. Simulated volume loss in the base of tongue in a virtual swallowing model
  8. Flow and Grit by Design: Exploring Gamification in Facilitating Adherence to Swallowing Therapy
  9. Patient Perception of Speech Outcomes: The Relationship Between Clinical Measures and Self-Perception of Speech Function Following Surgical Treatment for Oral Cancer
  10. Pretreatment Acoustic Predictors of Gender, Femininity, and Naturalness Ratings in Individuals With Male-to-Female Gender Identity
  11. Chapter-53 Functional Oropharyngeal Reconstruction: An Evidence-Based Approach
  12. Mobili-T: A Mobile Swallowing-Therapy Device: An Interdisciplinary Solution for Patients with Chronic Dysphagia
  13. 3D dynamic visualization of swallowing from multi-slice computed tomography
  14. The ICF and Male-to-Female Transsexual Communication
  15. Listening levels of teenage iPod users: does measurement approach matter?
  16. Current Practices for Evaluation of Resonance Disorders in North America
  17. The lip-splitting mandibulotomy: Aesthetic and functional outcomes
  18. Functional soft palate reconstruction: A comprehensive surgical approach
  19. Laryngeal and Respiratory Behavior During Pitch Change in Professional Singers
  20. Speech outcomes after soft palate reconstruction with the soft palate insufficiency repair procedure
  21. Swallowing Function in Patients With Base of Tongue Cancers Treated With Primary Surgery and Reconstructed With a Modified Radial Forearm Free Flap
  22. Functional outcomes after surgical reconstruction of the base of tongue using the radial forearm free flap in patients with oropharyngeal carcinoma
  23. Image Based Temporal Registration of MRI Data for Medical Visualization
  24. Functional Outcomes after Primary Mandibular Resection and Reconstruction with the Fibular Free Flap
  25. Functional Outcomes after Hemiglossectomy and Reconstruction with a Bilobed Radial Forearm Free Flap
  26. Maxillary obturators: The relationship between patient satisfaction and speech outcome
  27. Functional Outcomes After Primary Oropharyngeal Cancer Resection and Reconstruction With the Radial Forearm Free Flap
  28. Comparison of Voice Characteristics Following Three Different Methods of Treatment for Laryngeal Cancer