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  1. Improved climate in practice
  2. Improved workforce in practice
  3. Improved migration in practice
  4. How to improve utility-flows through companies and nations
  5. How to improve education
  6. How to improve interstellar material and energy flows
  7. How to improve society
  8. How to address beach wrack
  9. How to reduce the crime rates
  10. How to improve the workforce
  11. How to improve the climate
  12. How to improve the education in Sweden
  13. How to improve migration
  14. How to enhance the supply of utilities to megacities
  15. How to improve production units' resource efficiency
  16. How to optimize the interplanetary resource economy
  17. How to make recycling and recirculation cost-effective
  18. How to financially optimize landfill mining
  19. How to optimize ore mining
  20. How to manage risks and costs of fire in waste-fuel stores
  21. How to environmentally optimize industrial wastes fractionation
  22. How to manage construction waste based on management models
  23. How to environmentally optimize industrial waste fractions
  24. How to apply the Polluter-Pays Principle to industrial waste management
  25. How to assess and analyze industrial waste management systems