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  2. Music, Masculinity and the Claims of History: The Austro-German Tradition from Hegel to Freud. By Ian Biddle. * Music and the Politics of Negation. By James R. Currie.
  3. Music, Culture and Social Reform in the Age of Wagner
  4. Liberalism, autonomy and the social functions of art
  5. Radical and social aesthetics in the Vormärz
  6. Speaking for the Volk: music, politics and Vormärz festivals
  7. Revolutionary voices: blueprints for an aesthetic state
  8. Music and the politics of post-revolutionary culture
  9. The song of the workers: idylls and activism
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  12. Mendelssohn and the rise of musical historicism
  13. Palestrina and the German Romantic Imagination
  14. Historicism in nineteenth-century art, aesthetics and culture
  15. Romanticism and the problem of church music
  16. The Protestant Palestrina revival
  17. The Catholic Palestrina revival
  18. Interpreting the secondary discourse of nineteenth-century music
  19. Palestrina in the concert hall
  20. Prophets Looking Backwards: German Romantic Historicism and the Representation of Renaissance Music