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  1. Utility vs. Inadequacy of Realist IR Theory: Assessing China's Rise
  2. China’s Second Rise: Challenge to World Order or International Relations Theory?
  3. “Confucianization” of China, Rise of the Keju System, and the Aftermath
  4. The Puzzle of the Rise of Communism: Maoist China in Retrospect
  5. Dengist Reforms in Post-Mao China: The Great Leap Outward and Its Legend
  6. China’s First Rise as a Superpower (713—1820 A.D.)
  7. The Romance of China’s Re-Rise and the Riddle of a Pax Sinica
  8. The China Model, the Dengist Legacy, and Political–Economy Theory
  9. Chinese Civilization: Origins and the Puzzle of Its Longevity and Renewal
  10. China Into its Second Rise
  11. China into Its Second Rise