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  1. Nonparaxial pulse propagation to the cubic–quintic nonlinear Helmholtz equation
  2. Bilinear method and semi-inverse variational principle approach to the generalized (2+1)-dimensional shallow water wave equation
  3. Variety interaction between k-lump and
  4. Lump, lump-trigonometric, breather waves, periodic wave and multi-waves solutions for a Konopelchenko–Dubrovsky equation arising in fluid dynamics
  5. Dynamical Behaviors of Lumpoff and Rogue Wave Solutions for Nonlocal Gardner Equation
  6. New soliton waves and modulation instability analysis for a metamaterials model via the integration schemes
  7. New Results of Some of the Conformable Models Arising in Dynamical Systems
  8. N-Lump Solutions to a (3+1)-Dimensional Variable-Coefficient Generalized Nonlinear Wave Equation in a Liquid with Gas Bubbles
  9. Theoretical analysis for miscellaneous soliton waves in metamaterials model by modification of analytical solutions
  10. A Mathematical Study of the (3+1)-D Variable Coefficients Generalized Shallow Water Wave Equation with Its Application in the Interaction between the Lump and Soliton Solutions
  11. Numerical and analytical results of the 1D BBM equation and 2D coupled BBM-system by finite element method
  12. A Theoretical Study of Reverse Roll Coating for a Non-Isothermal Third-Grade Fluid under Lubrication Approximation Theory
  13. The nonlinear vibration and dispersive wave systems with cross-kink and solitary wave solutions
  14. Combined Damped Sinusoidal Oscillation Solutions to the (3 + 1)-D Variable-Coefficient Generalized NLW Equation in Liquid with Gas Bubbles
  15. Extracting the exact solitons of time-fractional three coupled nonlinear Maccari’s system with complex form via four different methods
  16. N-Lump to the (2+1)-Dimensional Variable-Coefficient Caudrey–Dodd–Gibbon–Kotera–Sawada Equation
  17. Novel Optical Soliton Waves in Metamaterials with Parabolic Law of Nonlinearity via the IEFM and ISEM
  18. Abundant wave solutions for generalized Hietarinta equation with Hirota’s bilinear operator
  19. Periodic, Cross-Kink, and Interaction between Stripe and Periodic Wave Solutions for Generalized Hietarinta Equation: Prospects for Applications in Environmental Engineering
  20. Analytical approach for polar magnetooptics in multilayer spin-polarized light emitting diodes based on InAs quantum dots
  21. Abundant soliton wave solutions and the linear superposition principle for generalized (3+1)-D nonlinear wave equation in liquid with gas bubbles by bilinear analysis
  22. Abundant soliton wave solutions for the (3+1)-dimensional variable-coefficient nonlinear wave equation in liquid with gas bubbles by bilinear analysis
  23. Lump and Interaction Solutions to the ( 3 + 1 )-Dimensional Variable-Coefficient Nonlinear Wave Equation with Multidimensional Binary Bell Polynomials
  24. Multiple soliton solutions of the generalized Hirota-Satsuma-Ito equation arising in shallow water wave
  25. Interaction among a lump, periodic waves, and kink solutions to the KP-BBM equation
  26. The New Solitary Solutions to the Time-Fractional Coupled Jaulent–Miodek Equation
  27. Analytical Treatment of the Generalized Hirota-Satsuma-Ito Equation Arising in Shallow Water Wave
  28. Cross-kink wave, solitary, dark, and periodic wave solutions by bilinear and He’s variational direct methods for the KP–BBM equation
  29. N-lump and interaction solutions of localized waves to the (2+1)-dimensional generalized KDKK equation
  30. Nonlinear spin dynamics of a couple of nonlinear Schrödinger's equations by the improved form of an analytical method
  31. Conservation laws and exact solutions of the $(3+1)$-dimensional Jimbo–Miwa equation
  32. Multiple rogue wave solutions and the linear superposition principle for a (3 + 1)‐dimensional Kadomtsev–Petviashvili–Boussinesq‐like equation arising in energy distributions
  33. Modulational instability and multiple rogue wave solutions for the generalized CBS–BK equation
  34. Dark wave, rogue wave and perturbation solutions of Ivancevic option pricing model
  35. Multiple rogue and soliton wave solutions to the generalized Konopelchenko–Dubrovsky–Kaup–Kupershmidt equation arising in fluid mechanics and plasma physics
  36. Abundant interaction between lump and k-kink, periodic and other analytical solutions for the (3+1)-D Burger system by bilinear analysis
  37. On the Exact Solitary Wave Solutions to the New ( 2 + 1 ) and ( 3 + 1 )-Dimensional Extens...
  38. Pure Traveling Wave Solutions for Three Nonlinear Fractional Models
  39. Solitary wave solitons to one model in the shallow water waves
  40. Localized waves and interaction solutions to the fractional generalized CBS-BK equation arising in fluid mechanics
  41. Quintic B-spline collocation method for the numerical solution of the Bona–Smith family of Boussinesq equation type
  42. Novel multiple soliton solutions for some nonlinear PDEs via multiple Exp-function method
  43. Multiple rogue wave, dark, bright, and solitary wave solutions to the KP-BBM equation
  44. New strategic method for fractional mitigating internet bottleneck with quadratic–cubic nonlinearity
  45. Multiple rogue wave, lump‐periodic, lump‐soliton, and interaction between k ‐lump and k ‐stripe soliton solutions for the generalized KP equation
  46. An Efficient Alternating Direction Explicit Method for Solving a Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation
  47. Periodic wave solutions and stability analysis for the (3+1)-D potential-YTSF equation arising in fluid mechanics
  48. The extended auxiliary equation mapping method to determine novel exact solitary wave solutions of the nonlinear fractional PDEs
  49. Multiple rogue wave solutions for a variable-coefficient Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation
  50. Interaction among a lump, periodic waves, and kink solutions to the fractional generalized CBS‐BK equation
  51. N -lump and interaction solutions of localized waves to the (2 + 1)-dimensional asymmetrical Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov equation arise from a model for an incompressible fluid
  52. Multiple rogue wave and solitary solutions for the generalized BK equation via Hirota bilinear and SIVP schemes arising in fluid mechanics
  53. M lump and interaction between M lump and N stripe for the third-order evolution equation arising in the shallow water
  54. M-lump, interaction between lumps and stripe solitons solutions to the (2+1)-dimensional KP-BBM equation
  55. Periodic wave solutions and stability analysis for theKP-BBM equation with abundant novel interactionsolutions
  56. N-lump and interaction solutions of localized waves to the (2+1)-dimensional variable-coefficient Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon-Kotera-Sawada equation
  57. Breather wave, periodic, and cross‐kink solutions to the generalized Bogoyavlensky‐Konopelchenko equation
  58. Lump-type solutions and interaction phenomenon to the (2+1)-dimensional Breaking Soliton equation
  59. Analytical behaviour of lump solution and interaction phenomenon to the Kadomtsev–Petviashvili-like equation
  60. Lump wave solutions and the interaction phenomenon for a variable-coefficient Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation
  61. Lump-type solutions and interaction phenomenon to the bidirectional Sawada–Kotera equation
  62. Analytical treatments of the space–time fractional coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations
  63. Novel solitary wave solutions for the (3+1)-dimensional extended Jimbo–Miwa equations
  64. Solitons in optical metamaterials with anti-cubic law of nonlinearity by ETEM and IGEM
  65. Numerical solutions of nonlinear 3-dimensional Volterra integral-differential equations with 3D-block-pulse functions
  66. Numerical treatment of the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation using Alpert multiwavelets
  67. Sparse representation of delay differential equation of Pantograph type using multi-wavelets Galerkin method
  68. Lump solution and its interaction to (3+1)-D potential-YTSF equation
  69. New exact solutions for a discrete electrical lattice using the analytical methods
  70. Traveling wave solutions for density-dependent conformable fractional diffusion–reaction equation by the first integral method and the improved $$\textbf{tan}\left( {{\mathbf{\frac{1}{2}}}{\boldsymbol{\varphi }}\left({\boldsymbol{\upxi}} \right)} \righ...
  71. Optical solitons in $$(n+1)$$(n+1)-dimensions under anti-cubic law of nonlinearity by analytical methods
  72. Some new analytical solutions of the variant Boussinesq equations
  73. On some new analytical solutions for new coupled Konno–Oono equation by the external trial equation method
  74. Analytical treatment of nonlinear conformable time-fractional Boussinesq equations by three integration methods
  75. Applications of IBSOM and ETEM for solving a discrete electrical lattice
  76. Applications of the ETEM for obtaining optical soliton solutions for the Lakshmanan-Porsezian-Daniel model
  77. Exact solutions for Fitzhugh–Nagumo model of nerve excitation via Kudryashov method
  78. Applications of IBSOM and ETEM for solving the nonlinear chains of atoms with long-range interactions
  79. Abundant soliton solutions of the resonant nonlinear Schrödinger equation with time-dependent coefficients by ITEM and He’s semi-inverse method
  80. Application of $$\tan (\phi (\xi )/2)$$ tan ( ϕ ...
  81. Application of the generalized G′/G-expansion method for nonlinear PDEs to obtaining soliton wave solution
  82. Applications of He's semi-inverse method, ITEM and GGM to the Davey-Stewartson equation
  83. Application of the ITEM for the modified dispersive water-wave system
  84. Soliton solutions of the quantum Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation which arises in quantum magneto-plasmas
  85. The analytical study of solitons to the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with resonant nonlinearity
  86. Wave solutions for variants of the KdV-Burger and the K (n ,n )-Burger equations by the generalized G′/G-expansion method
  87. Application of the ITEM for the system of equations for the ion sound and Langmuir waves
  88. Exact solitary wave solutions to the generalized Fisher equation
  89. Comparison between the generalized tanh–coth and the (G′/G)-expansion methods for solving NPDEs and NODEs
  90. Optical soliton solutions for the Gerdjikov–Ivanov model via tan(ϕ/2)-expansion method
  91. A new analytical approach to solve some of the fractional-order partial differential equations
  92. Analytic study of sixth-order thin-film equation by tan(ϕ/2)-expansion method
  93. Optical soliton wave solutions to the resonant Davey–Stewartson system
  94. Abundant soliton solutions for the Kundu–Eckhaus equation via tan(ϕ(ξ))-expansion method
  95. Optical soliton solutions for Schrödinger type nonlinear evolution equations by the tan(Φ(ξ)/2)-expansion method
  96. Abundant soliton solutions for the coupled Schrödinger-Boussinesq system via an analytical method
  97. Improvement of the Exp-function method for solving the BBM equation with time-dependent coefficients
  98. Application of tan(ϕ/2)-expansion method for solving the Biswas–Milovic equation for Kerr law nonlinearity
  99. Dispersive dark optical soliton with Tzitzéica type nonlinear evolution equations arising in nonlinear optics
  100. On the complex structures of the Biswas-Milovic equation for power, parabolic and dual parabolic law nonlinearities
  101. Construction of exact solutions to the modified forms of DP and CH equations by analytical methods
  102. Optical solitons with Biswas-Milovic equation for Kerr law nonlinearity
  103. Solitary wave and periodic wave solutions for Burgers, Fisher, Huxley and combined forms of these equations by the (G ′ /G)-expansion method
  104. Solving Burger's equation by semi-analytical and implicit method
  105. Exact travelling wave solutions of the symmetric regularized long wave (SRLW) using analytical methods
  106. Application of semi‐analytical methods for solving the Rosenau‐Hyman equation arising in the pattern formation in liquid drops
  108. Solving nonlinear fractional partial differential equations using the homotopy analysis method