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  1. Drag and lift forces on a rigid sphere immersed in a wall-bounded linear shear flow
  2. Hydrodynamic torque on a slender cylinder rotating perpendicularly to its symmetry axis
  3. Three-dimensional dynamics of a pair of deformable bubbles rising initially in line. Part 1. Moderately inertial regimes
  4. Flow structure and loads over inclined cylindrical rodlike particles and fibers
  5. Near-wall forces on a neutrally buoyant spherical particle in an axisymmetric stagnation-point flow
  6. Revisiting the Taylor-Culick approximation: Retraction of an axisymmetric filament
  7. Hydrodynamic forces on a clean spherical bubble translating in a wall-bounded linear shear flow
  8. Near-wall dynamics of a neutrally buoyant spherical particle in an axisymmetric stagnation point flow
  9. Compliant riblets: Problem formulation and effective macrostructural properties
  10. Emptying of a bottle: How a robust pressure-driven oscillator coexists with complex two-phase flow dynamics
  11. Core mechanisms of drag enhancement on bodies settling in a stratified fluid
  12. Time-dependent lift and drag on a rigid body in a viscous steady linear flow
  13. Generalized slip condition over rough surfaces
  14. The emptying of a bottle as a test case for assessing interfacial momentum exchange models for Euler–Euler simulations of multi-scale gas-liquid flows
  15. Marangoni-driven flower-like patterning of an evaporating drop spreading on a liquid substrate
  16. Path oscillations and enhanced drag of light rising spheres
  17. Inertial settling of a sphere through an interface. Part 1. From sphere flotation to wake fragmentation
  18. Inertial settling of a sphere through an interface. Part 2. Sphere and tail dynamics
  19. Paths and wakes of deformable nearly spheroidal rising bubbles close to the transition to path instability
  20. A global stability approach to wake and path instabilities of nearly oblate spheroidal rising bubbles
  21. Weakly Nonlinear Model with Exact Coefficients for the Fluttering and Spiraling Motion of Buoyancy-Driven Bodies
  22. Buoyancy-induced turbulence in a tilted pipe
  23. Interface Tracking Methods Applied to Phase Separation
  24. Linear instability of the path of a freely rising spheroidal bubble
  25. Global linear stability analysis of the wake and path of buoyancy-driven disks and thin cylinders
  26. Linear stability and sensitivity of the flow past a fixed oblate spheroidal bubble
  27. Falling styles of disks
  28. The steady oblique path of buoyancy-driven disks and spheres
  29. Inertial dynamics of air bubbles crossing a horizontal fluid–fluid interface
  30. Wake-Induced Oscillatory Paths of Bodies Freely Rising or Falling in Fluids
  31. A ‘reciprocal’ theorem for the prediction of loads on a body moving in an inhomogeneous flow at arbitrary Reynolds number – CORRIGENDUM
  32. The onset of unsteadiness of two-dimensional bodies falling or rising freely in a viscous fluid: a linear study
  33. A ‘reciprocal’ theorem for the prediction of loads on a body moving in an inhomogeneous flow at arbitrary Reynolds number
  34. Simulation of neutrophil motion and deformation: influence of rheology and flow configuration
  35. A quasi-static approach to the stability of the path of heavy bodies falling within a viscous fluid
  36. Dynamique de bulles traversant l’interface séparant deux liquides
  37. Experimental and numerical investigations of flow structure and momentum transport in a turbulent buoyancy-driven flow inside a tilted tube
  38. Bifurcations in the wake of a thick circular disk
  39. Migration and deformation of bubbles rising in a wall-bounded shear flow at finite Reynolds number
  40. Influence of slip on the dynamics of two-dimensional wakes
  41. Lateral migration of a small spherical buoyant particle in a wall-bounded linear shear flow
  42. Turbulence-induced secondary motion in a buoyancy-driven flow in a circular pipe
  43. A numerical investigation of horizontal viscous gravity currents
  44. Reversal of the lift force on an oblate bubble in a weakly viscous linear shear flow
  45. Dynamical Model for the Buoyancy-Driven Zigzag Motion of Oblate Bodies
  46. Measurements of the streamwise vorticity in the wake of an oscillating bubble
  47. Dynamics of Oblate Freely Rising Bodies
  48. Wall effects in non-Boussinesq density currents
  49. Dynamics of axisymmetric bodies rising along a zigzag path
  50. Path instability of rising spheroidal air bubbles: A shape-controlled process
  51. Bifurcations and symmetry breaking in the wake of axisymmetric bodies
  52. Effects of channel geometry on buoyancy-driven mixing
  53. Evolution of wake structure and wake-induced loads along the path of freely rising axisymmetric bodies
  54. Hydrodynamic structures of droplets engineered in rectangular micro-channels
  55. On the Dispersion of Solid Particles in a Liquid Agitated by a Bubble Swarm
  56. Preferential accumulation of bubbles in Couette-Taylor flow patterns
  57. An interface-capturing method for incompressible two-phase flows. Validation and application to bubble dynamics
  58. Laboratory observations of mean flows under surface gravity waves
  59. Oscillatory motion and wake instability of freely rising axisymmetric bodies
  60. Wake instability of a fixed spheroidal bubble
  61. Drag and lift forces on bubbles in a rotating flow
  62. Wake-induced forces and torques on a zigzagging/spiralling bubble
  63. Dynamics of a two-dimensional upflowing mixing layer seeded with bubbles: Bubble dispersion and effect of two-way coupling
  64. Bubble capture by a propeller
  65. Transition from spherical cap to toroidal bubbles
  66. Turbulent mass transfer through a flat shear-free surface
  67. Wake of a spherical bubble or a solid sphere set fixed in a turbulent environment
  68. Experimental and numerical study of droplets hydrodynamics in microchannels
  69. Large Interface Simulation in Multiphase Flow Phenomena
  70. On the zigzag dynamics of freely moving axisymmetric bodies
  71. Asymmetry-induced particle drift in a rotating flow
  72. Forces on a high-Reynolds-number spherical bubble in a turbulent flow
  73. Mouvements oscillatoires de corps en ascension dans un fluide peu visqueux : l'effet du rapport de forme
  74. The history force on a rapidly shrinking bubble rising at finite Reynolds number
  75. Small inertial effects on a spherical bubble, drop or particle moving near a wall in a time-dependent linear flow
  76. Hydrodynamic interactions between two spherical bubbles rising side by side in a viscous liquid
  77. The transverse force on clean and contaminated bubbles rising near a vertical wall at moderate Reynolds number
  78. High-Reynolds-number turbulence in a shear-free boundary layer: revisiting the HuntGraham theory
  79. Small inertial effects on a spherical bubble, drop or particle moving near a wall in a time-dependent linear flow
  80. Drag, deformation and lateral migration of a buoyant drop moving near a wall
  81. Statistical structure of high-Reynolds-number turbulence close to the free surface of an open-channel flow
  82. The generalized Kirchhoff equations and their application to the interaction between a rigid body and an arbitrary time-dependent viscous flow
  83. Drag and lift forces on a bubble rising near a vertical wall in a viscous liquid
  84. Path Instability of a Rising Bubble
  85. Spiraling Bubbles: How Acoustic and Hydrodynamic Forces Compete
  86. Une méthode de simulation d'écoulements diphasiques sans reconstruction d'interfaces
  87. The Motion of High-Reynolds-Number Bubbles in Inhomogeneous Flows
  88. Large-Scale Simulations of Bubble-Induced Convection in a Liquid Layer
  89. Effet de l'accélération d'un écoulement sur le transfert de masse ou de chaleur à la surface d'une bulle sphérique
  90. Modifications d'une couche de mélange verticale induites par la présence de bulles
  91. High-Schmidt number mass transfer through turbulent gas–liquid interfaces
  92. Transfert de masse à l'interface d'un film turbulent libre ou cisaillé
  93. The lift force on a spherical bubble in a viscous linear shear flow
  94. Thermal and dynamic evolution of a spherical bubble moving steadily in a superheated or subcooled liquid
  95. The viscous drag force on a spherical bubble with a time-dependent radius
  96. A note on the lift force on a spherical bubble or drop in a low-Reynolds-number shear flow
  97. The effects of slightly soluble surfactants on the flow around a spherical bubble
  98. Large-eddy simulation of high-Schmidt number mass transfer in a turbulent channel flow
  99. Simulation d'écoulements induits par des bulles dans un liquide initialement au repos
  100. Turbulent structure beneath surface gravity waves sheared by the wind
  101. The structure of the axisymmetric high‐Reynolds number flow around an ellipsoidal bubble of fixed shape
  102. Accelerated flows past a rigid sphere or a spherical bubble. Part 1. Steady straining flow
  103. A triple decomposition of the fluctuating motion below laboratory wind water waves
  104. Orbital rotational motion and turbulence below laboratory wind water waves
  105. Modelling of inhomogeneous turbulence in the absence of mean velocity gradients