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  1. Triaging Microservice Security Smells, with TriSS
  2. Towards declarative intent processing and conflict resolution in IBN
  3. A Systematic Technology Review of General-Purpose Open-Source TOSCA Orchestrators
  4. An Interview with Gail Murphy - 2023 SIGSOFT Awardee
  5. Simulating FaaS Orchestrations In The Cloud-Edge Continuum
  6. An Interview with Chunyang Chen - 2023 SIGSOFT Awardee
  7. An Interview with John Grundy - 2023 SIGSOFT Awardee
  8. Anomaly detection and failure root cause analysis in microservices
  9. Software Engineering After the COVID-19 Outbreak
  10. An interview with Miryung Kim - 2022 SIGSOFT Awardee
  11. Failure-aware management of enterprise applications
  12. Trending Topics in Software Engineering
  13. An interview with Xin Xia - 2022 SIGSOFT Awardee
  14. Pains and Gains of Peer-Reviewing in Software Engineering (5)