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  1. Evidence of an unusual magnetic behavior at the morphotropic phase boundary of La doped BiFeO3 ceramics
  2. On the enhanced dielectric and magnetic properties of BiFeO3 ceramics sintered under meta-stable conditions
  3. Controlled dislocation density as enhancer of the magnetic response in multiferroic oxide nanoparticles
  4. Fungus-Based Magnetic Nanobiocomposites for Environmental Remediation
  5. On the Distribution of Magnetic Moments in a System of Magnetic Nanoparticles
  6. 4th Generation Biomaterials Based on PVDF-Hydroxyapatite Composites Produced by Electrospinning: Processing and Characterization
  7. Dynamics of the natural genesis of β-TCP/HAp phases in postnatal fishbones towards gold standard biocomposites for bone regeneration
  8. Doxorubicin-Loaded Magnetic Nanoparticles: Enhancement of Doxorubicin’s Effect on Breast Cancer Cells (MCF-7)
  9. Lead-free NaNbO3-based ferroelectric perovskites and their polar polymer-ceramic composites: Fundamentals and potentials for electronic and biomedical applications
  10. Geometrical Polarization Approach method applied to A(B’B″)O3 complex perovskites
  11. Conduction mechanisms in thin (0.6)BiFeO3-(0.4)PbTiO3 films
  12. Polyvinylidene fluoride – Hydroxyapatite 0–3 biocomposite filaments processed by twin-screw extrusion
  13. On the effects of dislocations on the magnetism of BiFeO3 nanoparticles
  14. Magnetoelectric, magnetodielectric and magneto-impedance couplings in Bi1−xNdxFe0.99Co0.01O3 compounds
  15. La doped BiFeO3 ceramics synthesized under extreme conditions: Enhanced magnetic and dielectric properties
  16. On the Characteristics of Perovskite Structured BiFeO3-PbTiO3 Thin Films: Their Potential to Multifunctional Photovoltaic Applications
  17. Geometrical polarization approach: A semi-empirical tool to estimate the intrinsic polarization of polar dielectrics
  18. Intensifying the photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue by the formation of BiFeO3/Fe3O4 nanointerfaces
  19. Enhanced mechanical properties and osseointegration features of CaNb2O6–PNb9O25–Ca3(PO4)2 triphasic nanostructured bioceramics derived by optimised sinterization of Nb2O5 and natural hydroxyapatite-β-tricalcium phosphate
  20. In situ synthesis of Fe3O4 nanoparticles coated by chito-oligosaccharides: physico-chemical characterizations and cytotoxicity evaluation for biomedical applications
  21. On the potentialities of the Ba0.20Na0.80Ti0.20Nb0.80O3 lead-free composition for pyroelectric applications
  22. Preparation, structural and spectroscopic study of sol-gel-synthesized $$\hbox {Cr}^{3+}$$:$$\hbox {Al}_{2}\hbox {O}_{3}$$ powder
  23. Evidence of the stable existence of a morphotropic phase boundary in the BaTiO3–NaNbO3 system
  24. On the superparamagnetic behavior of BiFeO3‐PbTiO3 nanoparticles
  25. Guest Editorial
  26. On the stable coexistence of the orthorhombic and rhombohedral symmetries in BiFeO3 compound
  27. Ferroelectric, magnetic and microstructural studies on CoFe2O4:BaTiO3 core–shell magnetoelectric nanocomposites using microscopy
  28. Study of the crystal and electronic structures of (Bi1−xNdx)FeO3 compositions using Rietveld refinements and the maximum entropy method
  29. Using the finite element method for the investigation of the magnetoelectric effect in 2-2 laminar composites
  30. On the synthesis and characterization of environmentally friendly BTNN-PVDF bulk composites
  31. Tuning the magnetic response of cryo-milled BiFeO3 nanoparticles by controlling crystallite sizes and internal strain
  32. Probing magnetic fields by using non-contacting magnetoelectric effect-based magnetic field sensors
  33. Study of the origin of ferroic properties using crystal and electronic structures in BiFeO3-based compositions
  34. Dielectric, magnetic and structural characterizations in Mn doped 0.9BiFeO3-0.1BaTiO3 compositions
  35. Synthesis and ferroic and multiferroic studies on Bi1-xNdxFe0.99Co0.01O3 compositions
  36. Structural and magnetic properties of BiFeO3-PbTiO3 polycrystals
  37. On the unusual magnetic response of cryomilled BiFeO3 polycrystals
  38. Photodegradation of methylene blue by mechanosynthesized BiFeO3 submicron particles
  39. On the synthesis and characterization of (bio)ferroelectrically active PVDF-BCP composites
  40. Guest Editorial
  41. On mechanical properties and bioactivity of PVDF-BCP composites
  42. Local structure analysis of Bi2(Ga1-Fe )4O9 mullite-type solid solutions synthesized via combination of ball milling and thermal treatment
  43. Magnetite nanoparticles with controlled sizes via thermal degradation of optimized PVA/Fe(III) complexes
  44. Microscopic Description of the Ferroism in Lead-Free AlFeO3
  45. Polyvinylidene fluoride/hydroxyapatite/β-tricalcium phosphate multifunctional biocomposite: Potentialities for bone tissue engineering
  46. Improved magnetic properties and structural characterizations in Mn doped 0.9BiFeO3–0.1BaTiO3 compositions
  47. Avaliação do módulo elástico de cerâmicas magnetoelétricas de 0,6BiFeO3-0,4PbTiO3 dopadas com La
  48. Dielectric and structural features of the environmentally friendly lead-free PVDF/Ba0.3Na0.7Ti0.3Nb0.7O3 0-3 composite
  49. Electron density distribution and electronic structure as tools to study the origin of ferroic states in ferroelectric and magnetic materials
  50. Guest Editorial
  51. Highly resistive fast-sintered BiFeO3ceramics
  52. Ferroic behavior induced by oxygen vacancies in Mn-doped ZnO compounds
  53. Exploiting the magnetoelectric effect in piezoelectric/conductor composites for sensing static magnetic fields
  54. Synthesis and characterization of structural, microstructural and ferroic properties of CoFe2O4nanoparticles and CoFe2O4:BaTiO3core-shell nanocomposites
  55. Evidencing the magnetoelectric coupling in Bi1-xNdxFeO3compositions through ferroic characterizations
  56. Study of the BaTiO3electronic structure using the maximum entropy method and density functional theory calculations
  57. Voltage gain and efficiency of a bi-layered radial mode piezoelectric/magnetoelectric solid-state transformer
  58. Processamento e caracterizações estruturais, microestruturais e ferroelétricas do composto magnetoelétrico BiFeO3-PbTiO3 obtido pelo método de Pechini
  59. Synthesis and physical property measurements of CoFe2O4:BaTiO3core-shell composite nanoparticles
  60. Compositional Design of Dielectric, Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Properties of (K, Na)NbO3 and (Ba, Na)(Ti, Nb)O3 Based Ceramics Prepared by Different Sintering Routes
  61. Maximum Entropy Method Applied in the Experimental Visualization of Electron Density Distributions in BiFeO3
  62. Synthesis and Study of Ferroic Properties BiFe1-yCoyO3Compositions
  63. Room temperature nonlinear magnetoelectric effect in lead-free and Nb-doped AlFeO3 compositions
  64. Effect of the synthesis atmosphere on the magnetic and structural properties of TbMnO3 multiferroic polycrystals
  65. High strain in polycrystalline Ni48.8Mn31.4Ga19.8 Heusler alloys under overlapped static and oscillating magnetic fields
  66. Tuning ferroic states in La doped BiFeO3-PbTiO3 displacive multiferroic compounds
  67. Multiferroic Properties and Piezoelectric Characterizations of Bismuth Ferrite Based Compounds Produced by Spark Plasma Sintering
  68. Thermal Decomposition Synthesis and Assessment of Effects on Blood Cells and <i>In Vivo</i> Damages of Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles
  69. Multiferroic Behavior of Lead-free AlFeO3and Mn, Nb Doped Compositions
  70. A phenomenological model for ferroelectric domain walls and its implications for BiFeO3–PbTiO3multiferroic compounds
  71. Multiferroism and magnetoelectric coupling in (PbZr0.65Ti0.35O3)0.97–(BaFe12O19)0.03 ceramic composites
  72. Magnetic states and valence fluctuations in charge frustrated polycrystalline lutetium ferrite samples
  73. Charge carriers and small-polaron migration as the origin of intrinsic dielectric anomalies in multiferroic TbMnO3polycrystals
  74. Intrinsic features of the magnetoeletric coupling mechanism in displacive multiferroics
  75. Structural phase relations in perovskite-structured BiFeO3-based multiferroic compounds
  76. Dielectric investigations in nanostructured tetragonal BaTiO3 ceramics
  77. On the microscopic mechanism for the stabilization of structural and ferroic states in displacive multiferroics
  78. Dielectric investigations in unconventionally processed TbMnO3 ceramics
  79. Overlap of the intrinsic and extrinsic magnetoelectric effects in BiFeO3-PbTiO3 compounds: Potentialities for magnetic-sensing applications
  80. Processing and luminescence properties of Ce:Y3Al5O12 and Eu:Y3Al5O12 ceramics for white-light applications
  81. Ferroic states and phase coexistence in BiFeO3-BaTiO3 solid solutions
  82. High-resolution structural studies and covalent bond interactions in BiFeO3-PbTiO3 compounds: The role of ferroism
  83. Structurally tuned multiferroic state in BiFeO3-based compounds
  84. Ferroic states in La doped BiFeO3-PbTiO3 multiferroic compounds
  85. High density nanostructured BaTiO3 ceramics obtained under extreme conditions
  86. Enhanced ferroism in mechanically processed and environmentally friendly Ba0.30Na0.70Ti0.30Nb0.70O3 ceramics
  87. Simple and facile approach to synthesize magnetite nanoparticles and assessment of their effects on blood cells
  88. Electrical field dependence of thermo-optical parameters in transparent lead lanthanum zirconated titanate ceramic: Thermal lens measurements
  89. Synthesis and multiferroism in mechanically processed BiFeO3–PbTiO3 ceramics
  90. Controlling the Size of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Drug Applications
  91. Sol-Gel Processing of Single Phase BiFeO3 Ceramics: A Structural, Microstructural, Dielectric, and Ferroelectric Study
  92. Ferroic investigations in LuFe2O4 multiferroic ceramics
  93. Structural Refinement and Ferroic Properties in BiFeO3–Based Compounds
  94. Cobalt-modified Brazilian bentonites: Preparation, characterisation, and thermal stability
  95. Piezoelectric Characterization of (0.6)BiFeO3-(0.4)PbTiO3 Multiferroic Ceramics
  96. Surface spin disorder effects in magnetite and poly(thiophene)-coated magnetite nanoparticles
  97. Quasicrystalline phase formation in the mechanically alloyed Al70Cu20Fe10
  98. Improved ferroelectric and magnetic properties of monoclinic structured 0.8BiFeO3–0.2BaTiO3 magnetoelectric ceramics
  99. Dielectric investigations in Sr0.75Ba0.25Nb2O6 relaxor ferroelectric thin films
  100. Influence of the annealing atmosphere on the structural and microstructural properties of the mechanosynthesized (Fe2O3)0.25–(Al2O3)0.75 system
  101. Structural, microstructural and magnetocaloric investigations in high-energy ball milled powders
  102. Mecanosíntese do composto BiFeO3
  103. Structural, microstructural and magnetic investigations in high-energy ball milled BiFeO3 and Bi0.95Eu0.05FeO3 powders
  104. Dielectric and magnetic coupling in lead-free FeAlO3 magnetoelectric compound
  105. Mesoscopic structure evidenced by AC dielectric nonlinearities in Sr0.75Ba0.25Nb2O6relaxor ferroelectric thin films
  106. Chemical characterization of BiFeO3 obtained by Pechini method
  107. Investigation of nonlinear dielectric properties in Sr0.75Ba0.25Nb2O6 relaxor ferroelectric thin films
  108. Low coercive field and conducting nanocomposite formed by Fe3O4 and poly(thiophene)
  109. Diffuse phase transition and relaxor behaviour of textured Sr0.63Ba0.37Nb2O6ceramics
  110. Preparation of AlRu intermetallic compounds by mechanical alloying
  111. Structural, microstructural and Mössbauer spectral study of the BiFe1−xMnxO3 mechanosynthesized system
  112. Structural, Magnetic, and Dielectric Investigations of the FeAlO3 Multiferroic Ceramics
  113. Structural, Microstructural and Magnetic Properties of the High-Energy Ball Milled BiFeO3 and BiFe0.95 Mn0.05O3 Ferroelectromagnetic Compounds
  114. Thermo Optical Properties of Transparent PLZT 10/65/35 Ceramics
  115. Structural, magnetic, and electrochemical properties of poly(o-anisidine)/maghemite thin films
  116. Potentiality of SBN textured ceramics for pyroelectric applications
  117. Texturing and properties in hot forged SBN63/37 ceramics
  118. Materiais cerâmicos ferroelétricos como hospedeiros para íons laser ativos: características estruturais, microestruturais e espectroscópicas
  119. Structural and magnetic characterization of the ball-milled α-Fe2O3–Mn2O3 and α-Fe–Mn2O3 systems
  120. Investigation of dielectric anomalies at cryogenic temperatures in (1−x)[Pb(Mg1∕3Nb2∕3)O3]–xPbTiO3 system
  121. Mechanical milling of the (?-Fe2O3)x(?-Al2O3)1?x system: an X-ray diffraction and M�ssbauer spectral study
  122. Temperature coefficient of piezoelectric constants in Pb(Mg1/3 Nb2/3)O3 - PbTiO3 ceramics
  123. Structural and spectroscopic properties of rare-earth (Nd3+, Er3+, and Yb3+) doped transparent lead lanthanum zirconate titanate ceramics
  124. Phase evolution and magnetic properties of a high-energy ball-milled hematite–alumina system
  125. Effect of the composition and sintering process on the electrical properties in Pb(Mg1/3 Nb2/3)O3–PbTiO3 ceramics
  126. Características estruturais, microestruturais, dielétricas e piroelétricas de cerâmicas de Sr xBa1-X Nb2O6 forjadas a quente
  127. Cerâmicas ferroelétricas transparentes de PLZT e PLMN-PT: processamento e propriedades
  128. Features of diffuse phase transition in lead barium niobate ferroelectric ceramics
  129. Low-temperature Raman spectra of Sr0.66Ba0.34Nb2O6 single-crystal fibers
  130. Ferroelectric Domain Dynamics in PMN-PT Ceramics
  131. Dielectric behavior and diffuse phase transition features of rare earth doped Sr0.61Ba0.39Nb2O6 ferroelectric ceramics
  132. Rare earth doping effect on the elastic moduli of low silica calcium aluminosilicate glasses
  133. Structure Refinement of (Sr,Ba)Nb2O6 Ceramic Powder from Neutron and X-Rays Diffraction Data
  134. Transição de Fase Difusa e Propriedades Dielétricas de Cerâmicas Ferroelétricas de (Pb, Ba)Nb2O6
  135. Influence of the concentration of Sb2O3 and the viscosity of the precursor solution on the electrical and optical properties of SnO2 thin films produced by the Pechini method
  136. Dielectric Properties of Sr 0.75 Ba 0.25 Nb 2 O 6 Thin Films: Bias Field, Frequency and Temperature Dependence
  137. Phenomenological description of the diffuse phase transition in ferroelectrics
  138. Field-induced sharp ferroelectric phase transition in Sr0.66Ba0.34Nb2O6 relaxor ferroelectric
  139. Evidence for the precipitation of the Fe2Pr phase in the Fe–Pr binary system
  140. Pyroelectric properties of rare earth doped strontium barium niobate ceramics from 20K to 450K
  141. Evidence for the stable existence of the Fe2Nd phase in the Fe–Nd system