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  1. Geometry of the Ovoids: Avian Eggs and Similar Asymmetric Forms
  2. Explicit Solutions for Geodetic Problems on the Deformed Sphere as Reference Model for the Geoid
  3. Geometry of the Ovoids: Reptilian Eggs and Similar Symmetric Forms
  4. The Geometry of the Kiepert Trefoil
  5. λ-Spheres as a New Reference Model for Geoid: Explicit Solutions of the Direct and Inverse Problems for Loxodromes (Rhumb Lines)
  6. Numerical Ranges of the Real 2×2 Matrices Derived by First Principles
  7. Explicit Solution of the Focus Locus Problem for the Harmonic Oscillator Orbits in the Plane
  8. A Plethora of Non-Bending Surfaces of Revolution: Classifications and Explicit Parameterizations
  9. Cayley Map for Symplectic Groups
  10. New Parameterizations of \(\mathrm{SL}(2,\mathbb{R})\) and Some Explicit Formulas for Its Logarithm
  11. Classical motions of infinitesimal rotators on Mylar balloons
  12. Mechanics of infinitesimal gyroscopes on Mylar balloons and their action‐angle analysis
  13. Explicit Parameterizations of Non-Bending Torus-Like Surfaces
  14. Further Deformations of the Axially-Symmetric Non-Bending Surfaces
  15. Rotations in ${\mathbb R}^3$ and their Parametric Representations
  16. The Rectifications of the Cassinian Ovals: Third Round
  17. The Spiric Sections of Perseus and the Uniform Parameterizations of the Cassinian Ovals
  18. Torus-Like Balloons
  19. Deformations Without Bending: Explicit Examples
  20. Explicit Description of Some Classes of Non-Bending Surfaces
  21. Some Classes of Shapes of the Rotating Liquid Drop
  22. Rotating Liquid Drops and Delaunay Surfaces
  23. Mechanics of Infinitesimal Test Bodies on Delaunay Surfaces: Spheres and Cylinders as Limits of Unduloids and Their Action-Angle Analysis
  24. Alternative Description of Rigid Body Kinematics and Quantum Mechanical Angular Momenta
  25. From the Kinematics of Precession Motion to Generalized Rabi Cycles
  26. On a Class of Linear Weingarten Surfaces
  27. The Many Faces of Elastica
  28. Factorizations in Special Relativity and Quantum Scattering on the Line
  29. Trajectories of the Plate-Ball Problem
  30. Cayley Map and Higher Dimensional Representations of Rotations
  31. Generalized Euler Angles Viewed as Spherical Coordinates
  32. Biological Membranes
  33. Exact Solutions and Applications
  34. Surface Tension and Equilibrium
  35. Equations of Equilibrium States of Membranes
  36. Planar Curves Whose Curvature Depends Only on the Distance From a Fixed Point
  37. On the geometry of the rotating liquid drop
  38. Elastic Sturmian spirals in the Lorentz-Minkowski plane
  39. Factorizations in special relativity and quantum scattering on the line II
  40. Axially Symmetric Willmore Surfaces Determined by Quadratures
  41. A New Characterization of Eulerian Elasticas
  42. Vector-Parameter Forms of SU(1,1), SL(2,R) and Their Connection to SO(2,1)
  43. Wigner rotation and Thomas precession: geometric phases and related physical theories
  44. Comment on “Shape transition of unstrained flattest single-walled carbon nanotubes under pressure” [J. Appl. Phys. 115, 044512 (2014)]
  45. Sturmian Spirals in Lorentz-Minkowski Plane
  46. On the necessary and sufficient condition for the decomposition of orthogonal transformations
  47. The Mylar Balloon: An Alternative Description
  48. Membrane fusion based on the geometry of the stalk model
  49. On the compositions of rotations
  50. Variations of (pseudo-)rotations and the Laplace-Beltrami operator on homogeneous spaces
  51. New forms of the equations of the attitude kinematics
  52. Similarity and Symmetry Methods
  53. Vector Parameters in Classical Hyperbolic Geometry
  54. Generalized Euler decompositions of some six-dimensional Lie groups
  55. Symmetries and Some Special Solutions of the Helfrich Model
  56. Lie Group Analysis of the Willmore and Membrane Shape Equations
  57. Covariant Decomposition of the Three-Dimensional Rotations
  58. A Decoupled Solution to the Generalized Euler Decomposition Problem in $\mathbb{R}^3$ and $\mathbb{R}^{2,1}$
  59. Motion of Particles in the Equatorial Plane of a Magnetic Dipole Field
  60. Elastic spirals
  61. Explicit parametrizations of Willmore surfaces
  62. Two-axes decompositions of (pseudo-)rotations and some of their applications
  63. Equilibrium Configurations of Lipid Bilayer Membranes and Carbon Nanostructures
  64. Vector Parameters in Classical Hyperbolic Geometry
  65. • Cylindrical Fluid Membranes and the Evolutions of Planar Curves
  66. • Symmetry Properties of the Membrane Shape Equation
  67. Unduloid-like Equilibrium Shapes of Carbon Nanotubes Subjected to Hydrostatic Pressure
  68. Some new results on three-dimensional rotations and pseudo-rotations
  69. New perspective on the gimbal lock problem
  70. Traveling wave solutions of the one-dimensional Boussinesq paradigm equation
  71. Vector Parameters in Classical Hyperbolic Geometry
  72. An approach for decomposition of finite rotations
  73. Serret’s Curves, their Generalization and Explicit Parametrizations
  74. Deformation of injected vesicles adhering onto flat rigid substrates
  75. Beyond Delaunay Surfaces
  76. On the Translationally-invariant Solutions of the Membrane Shape Equation
  77. Explicit Parameterization of Euler’s Elastica
  78. Conformal Immersions of Delaunay Surfaces and Their Duals
  79. Beyond Delaunay Surfaces
  80. Quantization on Curved Manifolds
  81. Deformations of Minimal Surfaces
  82. Balloons, Domes and Geometry
  83. Unduloids and their Closed Geodesics
  84. Prequantization of the Rotational Motion
  85. New Parameterizations of the Cassinian Ovals
  86. Geometry of the anisotropic minimal surfaces
  87. The Mylar Ballon: New Viewpoints and Generalizations
  88. Properties of Biharmonic Submanifolds in Spheres
  89. A Note on the Passage from the Free to the Elastica with a Tension
  90. About parametric representations of SO(n) matrices and plane rotations
  91. A Relation Between the Cylindric Fluid Membranes and the Motions of Planar Curves
  92. Vector Decompositions of Rotations
  93. On the Uncertainty Relations in Stochastic Mechanics
  94. Analytic description and explicit parametrisation of the equilibrium shapes of elastic rings and tubes under uniform hydrostatic pressure
  95. Vector decomposition of finite rotations
  96. Preface
  97. Preface
  98. Cell Membranes Under Hydrostatic Pressure Subjected to Micro-Injection
  99. Analytic Description of the Equilibrium Shapes of Elastic Rings Under Uniform Hydrostatic Pressure
  100. On Some Deformations of the Cassinian Oval
  101. Travelling Waves for Some Generalized Boussinesq Type Equations
  102. Analytic Description of the Equilibrium Shapes of Elastic Rings Under Uniform Hydrostatic Pressure
  103. Cell Membranes Under Hydrostatic Pressure Subjected to Micro-Injection
  104. Traveling Wave Solutions of the Gardner Equation and Motion of Plane Curves Governed by the mKdV Flow
  105. On Some Deformations of the Cassinian Oval
  106. On the Plane Curves whose Curvature Depends on the Distance from the Origin
  107. Some Explicit Solutions of the Shape Equation
  108. Instability of Protein Drops via Applied Electric Field: Mathematical and Experimental Aspects
  109. On the Whewell Parametrization of the Euler Elastica
  110. Cylindrical equilibrium shapes of fluid membranes
  111. On The intrinsic equation behind the Delaunay surfaces
  113. An approach to reduction of the real symmetric 3 × 3 secular problem and applications
  114. New Geometrical Applications of the Elliptic Integrals: The Mylar Balloon
  115. The Mylar Balloon Revisited
  116. The Mylar Balloon Revisited
  117. New solutions of the shape equation
  118. Quantization on curved surfaces
  119. Reduction in stages and complete quantization of the MIC-Kepler problem
  120. Geometry of the Saxon-Hutner theorem
  121. The matrizant and Saxon - Hutner theorem
  122. Saxon-Hutner theorem via matrix exponential
  123. Kirkwood's formula revisited
  124. On the Spectrum of the Geodesic Flow on Spheres
  125. Quantization and Infinite-Dimensional Systems
  126. On Debye-Hückel's Theory
  127. Quantization of the moment map of coupled harmonic oscillators
  129. Geometric quantization of the five-dimensional Kepler problem
  130. Reductions and quantization
  131. An extension of the Saxon-Hutner theorem in the relativistic domain
  132. Generalization of the Saxon-Hutner Theorem in the Relativistic Domain
  133. Scattering of charged particles off dyons
  134. Geometric quantisation of the MIC-Kepler problem
  135. Geometric quantization of the multidimensional Kepler problem
  136. Method for computing the characteristic polynomial
  137. 12. A quantum mechanical study on hormonal steroids
  138. Geometric quantization of the five-dimensional Kepler problem
  139. Geometric quantization of the Kepler problem with a magnetic charge