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  1. Using a mobile Virtual Reality and computer game to improve visuospatial self-efficacy in middle school students
  2. The Construction and Validation of the Visuospatial Self-Efficacy (VSSE) Scale
  3. Cohesion, collaboration and the struggle of creating online learning communities: Development and validation of an online collective efficacy scale
  4. Applications of cybernetics to psychological theory: Historical and conceptual explorations
  5. Gamification in mobile-assisted language learning: a systematic review of Duolingo literature from public release of 2012 to early 2020
  6. Spaces of Rebellion: the Use of Multi-user Virtual Environments in the Development of Learner Epistemic Identity
  7. Multi-User Virtual Environments (MUVEs) as Alternative Lifeworlds: Transformative Learning in Cyberspace
  8. Rethinking the use of Multi-User Virtual Environments in education
  9. Teacher Presence in a Different Light: Authority Shift in Multi-user Virtual Environments
  10. Virtual worlds as a tool to foster student collaboration, communication and autonomy
  11. Identity in online virtual worlds
  12. Virtual Reality: Its Transformative Potential