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  1. When Education Faces the COVID-19 Pandemic
  2. Challenges of “School’s Out, But Class’s On” to School Education: Practical Exploration of Chinese Schools during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. What Role Should Teachers Play in Online Teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic? Evidence from China
  4. The Global Crisis Brought about by SARS-CoV-2 and Its Impacts on Education: An Overview of the Portuguese Panorama-ft
  5. Guiding Teaching Strategies with the Education Platform during the COVID-19 Epidemic: Taking Guiyang No. 1 Middle School Teaching Practice as an Example
  6. Strategies for Regional Mental Health Education under the Influence of the COVID-19 Epidemic: A Case Study of Nanjing, China
  7. Guidance Strategies for Online Teaching during the COVID-19 Epidemic: A Case Study of the Teaching Practice of Xinhui Shangya School in Guangdong, China
  8. Practical Exploration of Using “Cloud Classroom” to Organize Online Learning: A Case Study of Jianye District, Nanjing during the COVID-19 Pneumonia
  9. Practical Exploration of Home Study Guidance for Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Hangzhou Liuxia Elementary School in Zhejiang Province, China
  10. How to Carry Out Epidemic Prevention and Control After School Starts with the COVID-19 Epidemic Mitigated? A Case Study of Experimental High School in Wangmo County, Guizhou Province, China
  11. Legal Use of Marijuana: Will Scientific Evidence Overwhelm Self-Perceived High Feeling?
  12. “School’s Out, But Class’s On”, The Largest Online Education in the World Today
  13. A Six-Step Online Teaching Method Based on Protocol-Guided Learning during the COVID-19 Epidemic
  14. Practical Exploration of School-Family Cooperative Education during the COVID-19 Epidemic
  15. Autonomous Learning of Elementary Students at Home During the COVID-19 Epidemic
  16. Online Home Study Plan for Postponed 2020 Spring Semester during the COVID-19 Epidemic
  17. Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease
  18. Emotionally Stimulated Persistent Memory
  19. Sleep and Memory Consolidation
  20. Educational Changes in the Process of Social Transformation from the Perspective of County
  21. Internet-based Carrying-out Strategy of Personalized Supplementary Education
  22. Continuing Education of Elementary and Middle School Teachers
  23. Image Classification and Object Detection Algorithm Based on Convolutional Neural Network
  24. An Empirical Study of the Influence of Continuing Education on Youth Entrepreneurship in Taiwan
  25. Research on the Influence of Teacher Variables on Students’ Mathematical Achievements
  26. Patterns of Bullying Victimization among Adolescents in China: Based on a Latent Profile Analysis
  27. Identifying Factors that Influence International Student Mobility in Chinese Higher Education Institutions
  28. The Influence of Cognition on the Knobe Effect of Juvenile Intention in the Field of Social Rules
  29. Research on Motivation of Transferring Secondary Vocational School Teachers from Enterprises
  30. Ecological Effects of Soil Microplastic Pollution
  31. Ethical Issues in Biometrics
  32. Jilin Li, the Founder of China’s Situational Education
  33. Classroom Teaching Strategy under the Background of Situational Teaching
  34. Reforming School-Based Curriculum and Cultivating Students’ Core Literacy
  35. How to Cultivate Students’ Core Literacy in the Unit Introduction Course?
  36. Human-animal Hybrid Embryo Experiment: Good vs Bad?
  37. Can Information Technology Promote Academic Performance of School-aged Children? An Empirical Study Based on CEPS
  38. Graphene: A Promising Candidate for Biomedical Use
  39. What Role Does School Play in Helping Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Students Succeed against the Odds?
  40. An Investigation into the Impact of Mindfulness Education on Children Development – Based on the Mindfulness Experiment on 5th Graders of D primary School in W City
  41. What If Quantum Computer Combined with Artificial Intelligence?
  42. How Does E-book Bag Promote Learning? Video Analysis Based On Classroom Recordings
  43. Practice and Exploration of Cultivating Students’ Critical Thinking by Using Problem-Based Learning
  44. How to Achieve a Balance between Teacher-Lead and Student-Independent Inquiry in A Digital Class? - A Case Study Based on Chinese Middle School Mathematics Teaching
  45. Who Are Being Bullied? – An Empirical Study on the Influence Factors of School Bullying among Chinese Middle School Students
  46. The Correlation of Expenditure on School Level and Students’ Academic Performance: Based on the Empirical Study in Western Poor Rural China
  47. Teacher Support, Reading Strategy and Reading Literacy: A Two-Level Mediation Model
  48. Threshold Inhibition of Methyltransferase G9a/Glp Exacerbates Neuropathic Hypersensitivity through Mediating GRIN2B Methylation
  49. The first picture of the black hole.
  50. Family Income and Its Relation to Preschool Education in China: Empirical Research Based on CFPS Survey Data
  51. Family Capitals and Education Acquisitions: Analysis on the Mediating Effect of Shadow Education
  52. How Does Parental Involvement Affect Children's Academic Development from A Core Literacy Perspective?
  53. Molecular Epidemiology of Chlamydia Trachomatis Infection in the Genitourinary Tract
  54. miRNA and Cardiac Hypertrophy
  55. Developmental Perspective on Regenerative Medicine: An Update
  56. Memory Impairment and Intelligence Retardation with Exposure to Fluoride and Arsenic​
  57. Crystalloid versus Colloid in Stabilizing Hemodynamic of Patients Undergoing Cesarean Section with Neuraxial Anesthesia A Randomized Controlled Trial
  58. Gene-Edited Baby by Chinese Scientist: the Opener of the Pandora’s Box
  59. DNA Chips: the Potential Enhancer of Human Memory
  60. Articular Cartilage Repair
  61. Sex Hormone is a Risk Factor of Nociceptive Hypersensitivity in Cerebrovascular Diseases
  62. Gene: The Pace Control of Aging
  63. Immunotherapy on Cancer