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  1. Corporate social responsibility reporting quality, board characteristics and corporate social reputation
  2. Secondary analysis of two environmental practice studies. Do empirical variables represent expressed theoretical constructs?
  3. Stakeholders' power, corporate characteristics, and social and environmental disclosure: evidence from China
  4. The Effect of Financial Status on Earnings Quality of Chinese-Listed Firms
  5. A template for integrated reporting
  6. Civil war, stock return, and intellectual capital disclosure in Sri Lanka
  7. Role of remuneration committee in narrative human capital disclosure
  8. The relation of intellectual capital disclosure strategies and market value in two political settings
  9. The influence of board size on intellectual capital disclosure by Kenyan listed firms
  10. The Influence of Board Size on Intellectual Capital Disclosure by Kenyan Listed Firms
  11. An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Board Size and Committees, and Narrative Human Capital Disclosure
  12. Intellectual capital disclosure from sell‐side analyst perspective
  13. Intellectual capital disclosure trends: Singapore and Sri Lanka
  14. Preferred Learning Methods: A Comparison between International and Domestic Accounting Students
  15. An explanation of human capital disclosure from the resource‐based perspective
  16. Motivations behind human capital disclosure in annual reports
  17. Intellectual capital practices of firms and the commodification of labour
  18. An Explanation of Human Capital Disclosure from the Resource Based Perspective
  19. Human capital value creation practices of software and service exporter firms in India
  20. Intellectual Capital Reporting Practices of the Top Australian Firms
  21. Intellectual capital reporting between a developing and developed nation
  22. Managing human capital in a privately owned public hotel chain
  23. Content analysis of social, environmental reporting: what is new?
  24. Accounting Meets Politics: Theoretical Interpretation of Key Events (1940–2003) of the Accounting Profession in Australia
  25. The project of intellectual capital disclosure: researching the research
  26. Accounting: in crisis or ascendancy?
  27. An empirical investigation of annual reporting trends of intellectual capital in Sri Lanka
  28. Human capital reporting in a developing nation
  29. The Role of Emotional Assets and Liabilities in a Firm
  30. Accounting for Intellectual Assets and Liabilities
  31. Human Capital Reporting in a Developing Nation
  32. An Updated Review of Literature on Intellectual Capital Reporting
  33. Status of Intellectual Capital Reporting in Sri Lanka - A Research Note