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  1. Mapping Adaptive Capacity of Urban Residents: A Case Study of Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  2. The impact of trade, financial development and government integrity on energy efficiency: An analysis from G7-Countries
  3. The repercussions of business cycles on renewable & non-renewable energy consumption structure: Evidence from OECD countries
  4. Exploring the role of solar energy and foreign direct investment for clean environment: Evidence from top 10 solar energy consuming countries
  5. Agriculture, forestry, and environmental sustainability: the role of institutions
  6. An Empirical Study in Nepalese Commercial Bank’s Performances on Green Banking: An Analysis From the Perspective of Bankers
  7. The Impact of Fiscal Policy on Income Inequality: A Case Study of Pakistan
  8. Exploring the Role of Solar Energy and Foreign Direct Investment for Clean Environment: Evidence from Top 10 Solar Energy Consuming Countries
  9. Inequalities by energy sources: An assessment of environmental quality
  10. An analysis between financial development, institutions, and the environment: a global view
  11. What determines compliance with cleaner production? An appraisal of the tanning industry in Sialkot, Pakistan
  12. Estimating multidimensional poverty levels in rural Pakistan: A contribution to sustainable development policies
  13. An Analysis of Inclusive Growth for South Asia
  14. An Analysis of Inclusive Growth for South Asia
  15. Multidimensional Child Poverty Measurement and its Mapping: Case of Balochistan, Pakistan
  16. Micro-Supply Capacity Assessment and Quality of Education for the Public Sector Schools in Punjab (Pakistan)
  17. Multidimensional Poverty Mapping for Rural Pakistan