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  1. HoloMentor
  2. Exploring Capturing Approaches in Shared Fabrication Workshops: Current Practice and Opportunities
  3. It’s Not Just the Movement: Experiential Information Needed for Stroke Telerehabilitation
  4. Surgical Video Summarization: uses, process and coordination
  5. Hard Constraints: Why Telemanipulated Surgical Robots Affect Creative Tool Use
  6. Transparency in Qualitative Research: Increasing Fairness in the CHI Review Process
  7. Multimodal and Mixed Control of Robotic Endoscopes
  8. Impacts of Telemanipulated Surgical Robots
  9. Using comanipulation with active force feedback to undistort stiffness perception in laparoscopy
  10. GazeLens: Guiding Attention to Improve Gaze Interpretation in Hub-Satellite Collaboration
  11. CamRay
  12. Accuracy of Deictic Gestures to Support Telepresence on Wall-sized Displays
  13. Instant user interfaces