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  1. Corrosion Inhibition of 1,4-di (1-vinyl-3-methylimidazolium) Benzene Dibromide on Mild Steel in HCl Solution
  2. Corrosion inhibition of mild steel by P,P′‐Bis (triphenylphosphonio) methyl benzophenone dibromide in HCl solution
  3. Effect of Temperature on the Corrosion Inhibition of Trans-4-Hydroxy-4′-Stilbazole on Mild Steel in HCl Solution
  4. Inhibition of Mild Steel Corrosion by 3-Benzoylmethyl Benzimidazolium Hexafluoroantimonate in Acidic Solution
  5. UAE Neem Extract as a Corrosion Inhibitor for Carbon Steel in HCl Solution
  6. Adaptive time interpolator for OFDM systems in time-variant channels
  7. Cationic polymerization of cyclohexene oxide by pentamethoxytrityl salts
  8. Inhibition of carbon steel corrosion by 4‐vinylbenzyl triphenyl phosphonium chloride in HCl solution
  9. Photoinitiated Cationic Polymerization of p-methylstyrene by Methoxy Trityl Salts
  10. Inclusion as a driving force for the intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) fluorescence of p-(N,N-diphenylamino)benzoic acid methyl ester (DPABME) in α-cyclodextrin (α-CD) aqueous solution
  11. Electrochemical studies of the effect of trans‐4‐hydroxy‐4'‐stilbazole on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel in HCl solution
  12. Polymerization of cyclohexene oxide by methyl-4-[bis(4-bromophenyl)amino]benzoate cation radical salts
  13. Photoinitiated cationic polymerization of epoxide and vinyl monomers by p-trimethoxytrityl salts
  14. Photo-initiated polymerization of cyclohexene oxide by dirhenium decacarbonyl
  15. Polymerization Induced by N,N,N′,N′Tetraphenyl-p-phenylenediamine Cation Radical Salts
  16. Polymerization of N-vinylcarbazole by rhenium carbonyl compounds
  17. Cationic photopolymerization of p-methylstyrene initiated by phosphonium and arsonium salts
  18. Photopolymerization of cyclohexene oxide by phosphonium and arsonium salts
  19. Effect of ultraviolet light, solar radiation, XeCl laser and xenon arc lamp on the nuclear track recording properties of CR-39
  20. Simplex-optimized and flow injection spectrophotometric assay of tetracycline antibiotics in drug formulations
  21. Cationic photopolymerization of cyclohexene oxide
  22. Ultraviolet and laser irradiation effects on various batches of CR-39
  23. Polymer-coated electrodes: cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry of non-ideal systems ? the anodic oxidation of poly(4-vinyl-triphenylamine) films
  24. The modification of electrodes with poly(4-vinyl-4′,4″-dibromotriphenylamine)
  25. p,p'-Bis((triphenylphosphonio)methyl)benzophenone salts as photoinitiators of free radical and cationic polymerization
  26. Nonketonic perester photoinitiators