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  1. On transient MHD heat transfer within a radiative porous channel due to convective boundary conditions
  2. Effects of Viscoelastic Oil-Based Nanofluids on a Porous Nonlinear Stretching Surface with Variable Heat Source/Sink
  3. Combined Effects of Variable Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity on Dissipative Flow of Oil-Based Nanofluid over a Permeable Vertical Surface
  4. Effects of Oil-Based Nanofluid on a Stretching Surface with Variable Suction and Thermal Conductivit
  5. Magnetoplasmon Excitations at Graphene Vortex Hall Fluid Edge
  6. Anomalous Viscosity of Vortex Hall States in Graphene
  7. MHD Boundary Layer Flow due to Exponential Stretching Surface with Radiation and Chemical Reaction