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  1. Thermal Processes
  2. MSF challenges and survivals
  3. Key factors affecting water permeate velocity in reverse osmosis
  4. An overview of the GCC Unified Water Strategy
  5. Optimization of location of thermo-compressor suction in MED-TVC desalination plants
  6. Thermo-economic performance of inclined solar water distillation systems
  7. Comparative performance evaluation of conventional multi-effect evaporation desalination processes
  8. Development of a steady-state mathematical model for MEE-TVC desalination plants
  9. Economic optimization of the number of effects for the multieffect desalination plant
  10. Features of multi-effect evaporation desalination plants
  11. Current status and future directions of MED-TVC desalination technology
  12. Economic Investigation of Different Configurations of Inclined Solar Water Desalination Systems
  13. Prediction of physical properties of nanofiltration membranes for neutral and charged solutes
  14. Investigation studies of vapor side corrosion in a multistage flash desalination pilot plant
  15. Potential application of nanotechnology in water production systems
  16. Prediction of physical properties of nanofiltration membranes using experiment and theoretical models☆
  17. Adsorption-membrane filtration (AMF) hybrid process for boron removal from seawater: an overview
  18. Influence of ion size on the prediction of nanofiltration membrane systems
  19. Prediction of Charge Density for Desal‐HL Nanofiltration Membrane from Simulation and Experiment using Different Ion Radii
  20. Characteristics of dual purpose MSF desalination plants
  21. Coupling of a nuclear reactor to hybrid RO-MSF desalination plants
  22. Hybrid RO MSF: a practical option for nuclear desalination
  23. Some aspects of silica polymerization and fouling and its pretreatment by sodium aluminate, lime and soda ash
  24. Investigation of low temperature decomposition of ammonia using spatially patterned catalytic membrane reactors
  25. The continued challenge of capacity building in desalination
  26. Pretreatment and the effect of cations and anions on prevention of silica fouling
  27. Potential of nuclear desalination in the Arabian Gulf countries
  28. Prediction performance of RO desalination plants
  29. Modeling and simulation of hollow fine fiber modules with radial dispersion—a parametric sensitivity study
  30. A comparative study of RO and MSF desalination plants
  31. A comparative study of RO and MSF desalination plants
  32. The manufacture of soda ash in the Arabian Gulf
  33. Viscosity Correlation for Non - Newtonian Waxy Oils
  34. Techno-economic study of re-refining waste lubricating oils in the Arabian Gulf countries
  35. Dynamic behavior of MSF desalination plants
  36. Optimum operation of steam-power cycle in dual purpose MSF desalination plants
  37. Operation of dual purpose MSF plants at water/power peak demand
  38. Parametric study on the performance of hollow fibers modules
  39. Evaluation of energy recovery in reverse osmosis desalination plants
  40. Environmental impact of seawater desalination plants
  41. Production of magnesium from desalination brines
  42. Evaluation of solar powered desalination processes
  43. Simulation of MSF desalination plants
  44. An approximate analytical solution for the performance of reverse osmosis plants
  45. Optimum design for a hybrid desalting plant
  46. Treated wastewaters as a growing water resource' for agriculture use
  47. Effect of carbon on the sulphidation of cobalt-tantalum alloys
  49. Techno-Economic feasibility of extracting minerals from desalination brines
  50. By-product recovery from Saudi desalination plants
  51. Water resources development in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  52. Automotive emission problem in Saudi Arabia
  53. A “chopped fast flow” technique for transient surface reaction rate measurement: Carbon deposition and oxidation on hot PT