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  1. Effects of Submental Surface Electrical Stimulation on Swallowing Kinematics in Healthy Adults: An Error-Based Learning Paradigm
  2. A Survey of Clinician Decision Making When Identifying Swallowing Impairments and Determining Treatment
  3. Swallowing Kinematic Differences Across Frozen, Mixed, and Ultrathin Liquid Boluses in Healthy Adults: Age, Sex, and Normal Variability
  4. Elucidating inconsistencies in dysphagia diagnostics: Redefining normal
  5. The Relationship Between Submental Surface Electromyography and Hyo-Laryngeal Kinematic Measures of Mendelsohn Maneuver Duration
  6. The Sequence of Swallowing Events During the Chin-Down Posture
  7. Surface Electrical Stimulation Perturbation Context Determines the Presence of Error Reduction in Swallowing Hyolaryngeal Kinematics
  8. Mechanisms of Airway Protection During Chin-Down Swallowing