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  1. When a patient dies by suicide: A consideration of PTSD Criterion A and disentangling self-blame from medicolegal blame.
  2. Psychometric properties of the Depressive Symptom Index-Suicidality Subscale (DSI-SS) in an adult psychiatric sample.
  3. Advancements in the understanding of PTSD and suicide risk: Introduction to a special section.
  4. The intersection of PTSD symptoms and firearm storage practices within a suicide prevention framework: Findings from a U.S. Army National Guard sample.
  5. Suicide attempt survivors’ recommendations for improving mental health treatment for attempt survivors.
  6. Autism-related traits and suicide risk among active duty U.S. military service members.
  7. Understanding suicide: Development and pilot evaluation of a single-session inpatient psychoeducation group.
  8. Clinical utility of suicide behavior and ideation measures: Implications for military suicide risk assessment.
  9. Treating PTSD to reduce suicide risk: Considerations for interventions targeting PTSD-related family accommodation.
  10. Military Suicide Research Consortium common data elements: Bifactor analysis and longitudinal predictive ability of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts within a clinical sample.
  11. A pilot randomized clinical trial of a lethal means safety intervention for young adults with firearm familiarity at risk for suicide.