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  1. Orbital and Spin Parts of Energy Currents for Electromagnetic Waves
  2. Light Spins of Cylindrical Electromagnetic Waves and their Jumps across Material Interfaces in the Presence of Energy Exchange
  3. Cylindrical electromagnetic waves with radiation and absorption of energy
  4. Magnetic Speckle-Pattern Rotation in Gyrotropic Low-Mode Optical Fiber Coated by Conductive Nanoshell
  5. Plasmonically induced magnetic field in graphene-coated nanowires
  6. Optical chirality exhibited by two axially propagating electromagnetic waves in counter-rotations
  7. Spin annihilations of and spin sifters for transverse electric and transverse magnetic waves in co- and counter-rotations
  8. Two-dimensional models for optical vortices driven by gain media
  9. Electromagnetic-energy conservation for media with metallic constituents with special attention to damped waves