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  1. Erratum to “An Integrated Circularly Polarized Transmitter Active Phased-Array Antenna for Emerging Ka-Band Satellite Mobile Terminals” [Aug 19 5344-5352]
  2. An Integrated Circularly Polarized Transmitter Active Phased-Array Antenna for Emerging Ka-Band Satellite Mobile Terminals
  3. Efficient integration of scalable active‐phased array antenna based on modular approach for MM‐wave applications
  4. A Low-Cost Ka-Band Circularly Polarized Passive Phased-Array Antenna for Mobile Satellite Applications
  5. SIW-Integrated Parasitic DRA Array: Analysis, Design, and Measurement
  6. A Dual-Band Printed Antenna Design Based on Annular Koch Snowflake Slot Structure
  7. New Compact Microstrip Filters Based on Quasi Fractal Resonator
  8. A Continuous $2\pi$ Phase Shifter for Ka-Band Applications
  9. Ka-Band Antenna With High Circular Polarization Purity and Wide AR Beamwidth
  10. A Broad-band Transition Between a Silicon Waveguide and a CPWG at W-band
  11. A low-cost wideband phase shifter for two-way mm-wave phased array antenna system
  12. RWG-integrated SIW splitter for large scale SATCOM phased array applications
  13. Space division multiplexing using disordered optical antennas
  14. A broadband siw-integrated circular polarized antenna
  15. E-plane RWG-to-SIW Transition Power Splitter for Ka-Band SATCOM Application
  16. A wide axial ratio beamwidth circularly polarized antenna for Ka-band satellite on the move (SOTM) phased array applications
  17. 3D printed RWG with slot-transition for low cost millimeter-wave applications: Simulation and measurement
  18. A compact dual-band slot antenna based on Koch fractal snowflake annular ring
  19. Miniaturized siw-integrated 2D DRA array for 5G MMW applications
  20. E-plane metallic RWG-to-SIW transition for large-scale MM-wave phased array antenna applications
  21. Design and analysis of reconfigurable reflectarray antennas for Ka-band satellite communications on the move
  22. SIW-integrated patch antenna backed air-filled cavity for 5G MMW appilcations
  23. SIW series-fed patch antenna array based on transverse slot excitation for millimeter wave (MMW) applications
  24. DRA array fed by folded SIW feeding network
  25. A dual circularly polarized patch antenna for broadband millimeter wave (MMW) communication systems
  26. A multilayer SIW-CPW transition junction for efficient MM-wave phased array applications
  27. A 4×4 circularly polarized aperture coupled antenna array for Ka-band satellite communication
  28. Circularly polarized SIW-integrated DRA for low cost millimeter wave systems