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  1. 100.18 Newton's semicircle and the probability integral
  2. The role of lending-relationship banks in the underwriting of seasoned equity offerings: Conflict of interest or certification?
  3. Insider trading and firm performance following open market share repurchase announcements
  4. IPO underwriting and subsequent lending
  5. The Role of Equity Underwriting Relationships in Mergers and Acquisitions
  6. Why Do Insiders Sell Shares Following IPO Lockups?
  7. Insider trading law enforcement and gross spreads of ADR IPOs
  8. The diversification effects of volatility-related assets
  9. The choice between bookbuilding and fixed-price offering: Evidence from SEOs in Taiwan
  10. The choice of equity selling mechanisms: PIPEs versus SEOs
  11. Reputation stretching in mutual fund starts
  12. The Diversification Effects of Initial Public Offerings
  13. An Analysis of Lockups in REIT IPOs
  14. Issuers’ incentives and tests of Baron’s model of IPO underpricing
  15. Do IPO index portfolios improve the investment opportunities for mean–variance investors?
  16. Divergence of opinion and initial public offerings
  17. What do investment banks charge to underwrite American Depositary Receipts?
  18. Seasoned Equity Selling Mechanisms
  19. Signalling by underwriter retention rate in the IPO market
  20. The long-run performance of initial public offerings: Stochastic dominance criteria
  21. How Much Do REITs Pay for Their IPOs?
  22. Why do Underwriters Charge Low Underwriting Fees for Initial Public Offerings in Taiwan?
  23. Are Taiwanese individual investors reluctant to realize their losses?
  24. Real Estate Investment Trusts
  25. Does Trading Improve Individual Investor Performance?
  26. The Determinants of Derivatives Use: Evidence from Non-Financial Firms in Taiwan
  27. The accuracy and efficiency of alternative option pricing approaches relative to a log‐transformed trinomial model
  28. The Seven Percent Solution
  29. Effort Substitution and Performance Shift of Multi-Tasking Mutual Fund Managers