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  1. A traveling memory based upon location-based services and social network sites
  2. A new interactive guiding system with social networking services at exhibitions
  3. TripNote: A useful cloud-based trip diary system
  4. The comprehensive guiding and navigation services on smart phones
  5. Practical Issues on Constructing Hybrid Smart Homes
  6. The development of control and energy usage information modules for smart homes
  7. Applying location based services and social network services onto tour recording
  8. An exhibition guiding system with enhanced interactive functions
  9. Simple and Practical Electrical Wiring Approaches for Intelligent Buildings
  10. Development of Intelligent Power Consumption Management Assistants
  11. Exchanging Course Content Mechanism for Moodle LMS
  12. Teaching programming technique with edutainment robot construction
  13. Using RFID guiding systems to enhance user experience
  14. Annotating Learning Materials on Moodle LMS
  15. A System Implementation of Pushing Advertisement to Handheld Devices via Bluetooth
  16. Hybrid Teaching Assistant for Developing Students Interactivity and Comprehension
  17. Networked portfolio with real time learning monitoring system