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  1. 3D printing with a 3D printed digital material filament for programming functional gradients
  2. Material-Efficient Multimaterial Projection Micro-stereolithography Using Droplet-Based Resin Supply
  3. Tunable thermal transport in 4D printed mechanical metamaterials
  4. Radiation drives heat transfer in shape-shifting metamaterials
  5. Experiments and modeling of the thermo-mechanically coupled behavior of VHB
  6. Recent advances in molecular programming of liquid crystal elastomers with additive manufacturing for 4D printing
  7. High resolution stereolithography fabrication of perfusable scaffolds to enable long-term meso-scale hepatic culture for disease modeling
  8. Multimaterial Printing for Cephalopod-Inspired Light-Responsive Artificial Chromatophores
  9. 4D‐Printed Transformable Tube Array for High‐Throughput 3D Cell Culture and Histology
  10. Rapid Processing and Drug Evaluation in Glioblastoma Patient-Derived Organoid Models with 4D Bioprinted Arrays
  11. Recent advances in multi-material additive manufacturing: methods and applications
  12. Self-Limiting Electrospray Deposition for the Surface Modification of Additively Manufactured Parts
  13. 4D Printing of a Bioinspired Microneedle Array with Backward‐Facing Barbs for Enhanced Tissue Adhesion
  14. Abstract 2691: 4D printing of programmable smart material for drug screening in patient-derived organoids
  15. Rapid multi-material 3D printing with projection micro-stereolithography using dynamic fluidic control
  16. Spatial Uncertainty Modeling for Surface Roughness of Additively Manufactured Microstructures via Image Segmentation
  17. Modeling of fiber-reinforced polymeric gels
  18. Temperature-responsive thermal metamaterials enabled by modular design of thermally tunable unit cells
  19. Improving Surface Roughness of Additively Manufactured Parts Using a Photopolymerization Model and Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization
  20. 4D printing reconfigurable, deployable and mechanically tunable metamaterials
  21. Layer-by-layer assembled carbon nanotube-polyethyleneimine coatings inside copper-sintered heat pipes for enhanced thermal performance
  22. Rapid Pulsed Light Sintering of Silver Nanowires on Woven Polyester for personal thermal management with enhanced performance, durability and cost-effectiveness
  23. Lightweight Microlattice With Tunable Mechanical Properties Using 3D Printed Shape Memory Polymer
  24. Soft Robotic Manipulation and Locomotion with a 3D Printed Electroactive Hydrogel
  25. Micro 3D Printing of a Temperature-Responsive Hydrogel Using Projection Micro-Stereolithography
  26. Tunable Multifunctional Thermal Metamaterials: Manipulation of Local Heat Flux via Assembly of Unit-Cell Thermal Shifters
  27. Multimaterial 4D Printing with Tailorable Shape Memory Polymers
  28. Projection Micro-Stereolithography of Temperature Responsive Mechanically Tough Hydrogels
  29. Polytope Sector-Based Synthesis and Analysis of Microstructural Architectures With Tunable Thermal Conductivity and Expansion
  30. Design, Development and Evaluation of a Two Way Actuated Steerable Needle
  31. Polytope Sector-Based Synthesis and Analysis of Microarchitectured Materials With Tunable Thermal Conductivity and Expansion
  32. A highly sensitive, direct and label-free technique for Hg2+detection using Kelvin probe force microscopy
  33. Ultralight, ultrastiff mechanical metamaterials
  34. Micro 3D Printing Using a Digital Projector and its Application in the Study of Soft Materials Mechanics
  35. Prescribed Pattern Transformation in Swelling Gel Tubes by Elastic Instability
  36. Solvent-driven polymeric micro beam device
  37. First jump of microgel; actuation speed enhancement by elastic instability
  38. Biomimetic Microactuator Powered by Polymer Swelling