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  1. EIS Study of Corrosion Inhibition on Copper, Silver, and Copper-Silver Alloys
  2. TD and DMTD adsorption on copper and silver surfaces
  3. Corrosion Inhibition of Brazing Cu-Ag Alloy with BTA and DMTD
  4. Corrosion study of brazing Cu Ag alloy in the presence of benzotriazole inhibitor
  5. Alloy coatings by EB-PVD
  6. Correction to: Conventional and two step sintering of PZT-PCN ceramics
  7. Synthesis of PZT-PCN ceramics
  8. NiCrAlY bond coat development by EB-PVD
  9. Electrodeposition of Zn–TiO2 coating