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  1. Are DNA modifications linked to health conditions in wild population?
  2. Interaction of benzo[a]pyrene diol epoxide isomers with human serum albumin: Site specific characterisation of adducts and associated kinetics
  3. Quantification of the mutagenic potency and repair of glycidol-induced DNA lesions
  4. Characterization of a Hemoglobin Adduct from Ethyl Vinyl Ketone Detected in Human Blood Samples
  5. Aspartic protease inhibitors containing tertiary alcohol transition-state mimics
  6. In vivo doses of butadiene epoxides as estimated from in vitro enzyme kinetics by using cob(I)alamin and measured hemoglobin adducts: An inter-species extrapolation approach
  7. Synthesis of P1′-Functionalized Macrocyclic Transition-State Mimicking HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors Encompassing a Tertiary Alcohol
  8. Quantitative analysis by liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry of glycidamide using the cob(I)alamin trapping method: Validation and application to in vitro metabolism of acrylamide
  9. Cob(I)alamin reacts with sucralose to afford an alkylcobalamin: Relevance to in vivo cobalamin and sucralose interaction
  10. A New General Pathway for Synthesis of Reference Compounds of N-Terminal Valine−Isocyanate Adducts
  11. Cob(I)alamin for Trapping Butadiene Epoxides in Metabolism with Rat S9 and for Determining Associated Kinetic Parameters