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  1. Response of the Asian Summer Monsoon Precipitation to Global Warming in a High-Resolution Global Nonhydrostatic Model
  2. To understand and realistically simulate the representation of Asian monsoon convection
  3. Reproducibility of Indian summer monsoon rainfall in convection permitting Weather Research Forecasting model
  4. Modification of Near‐Surface Temperature Over East Asia Associated With Local‐Scale Paddy Irrigation
  5. Weakening of rainfall intensity on wet soils over the wet Asian monsoon region using a high-resolution regional climate model
  6. Response of the atmospheric hydrological cycle over the tropical Asian monsoon regions to anthropogenic aerosols and its seasonality
  7. Role of Tropical Cyclones along the Monsoon Trough in the 2011 Thai Flood and Interannual Variability
  8. Impact of historical land-use changes on the Indian summer monsoon onset
  9. Asymmetrical Interannual Variation in Aerosol Optical Depth over the Tropics in Terms of Aerosol-Cloud Interaction
  10. Orographic low-level clouds of Southeast Asia during the cold surges of the winter monsoon
  11. Diurnal cycle of precipitation over the eastern Indian Ocean off Sumatra Island during different phases of Indian Ocean Dipole
  12. Impact of SST on Precipitation and Snowfall on the Sea of Japan Side in the Winter Monsoon Season: Timescale Dependency
  13. Potential Impact of Sea Surface Temperature on Winter Precipitation over the Japan Sea Side of Japan: A Regional Climate Modeling Study
  14. How have both cultivation and warming influenced annual global isoprene and monoterpene emissions since the preindustrial era?
  15. A discrepancy in precipitable water among reanalyses and the impact of forcing dataset on downscaling in the tropics
  16. Seasonal Variations of Lightning Activity and Rainfall over Tropical Africa Based on Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Satellite Observations
  17. Long-term changes in rainfall and tropical cyclone activity over South and Southeast Asia
  18. The Impact of Long-lasting Northerly Surges of the East Asian Winter Monsoon on Tropical Cyclogenesis and its Seasonal March
  19. Diurnal rainfall pattern observed by Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Precipitation Radar (TRMM-PR) around the Indochina peninsula
  20. High-resolution modelling of the potential impact of land surface conditions on regional climate over Indochina associated with the diurnal precipitation cycle
  21. Seasonal changes in diurnal rainfall cycle over and around the Indochina Peninsula observed by TRMM-PR
  22. Hydrological response to future climate change in the Agano River basin, Japan
  23. Asian summer monsoon simulated by a global cloud-system-resolving model: Diurnal to intra-seasonal variability
  24. Assessment of the Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation over the Maritime Continent Simulated by a 20 km Mesh GCM Using TRMM PR Data
  25. High-resolution regional climate simulations of the long-term decrease in September rainfall over Indochina
  26. Decreasing Trend in Rainfall over Indochina during the Late Summer Monsoon: Impact of Tropical Cyclones
  27. A Climatological Monsoon Break in Rainfall over Indochina—A Singularity in the Seasonal March of the Asian Summer Monsoon