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  1. The Forcible Transfer of Children from Ukraine as Genocide
  2. Three Legal Channels Advocating for Rohingya Minority as a Victim of Genocide in Myanmar
  3. The War in Ukraine and Children's Right to Education
  4. Cultural Genocide of the Uyghurs in North West China: Implications for International Law and Beyond
  5. The Right of Soldiers to Be Buried in their Homeland
  6. Minority and Majority Living Together
  7. Past and Future of Kurdish Autonomy in Syria: Prospects of the Autonomy in the Time of COVID-19
  8. The Syrian War
  9. From Knives to Kites: The legality of the Use of Force by the IDF against Palestinian revolts
  10. AidōsandDikēin International Humanitarian Law: Is IHL a Legal or a Moral System?
  11. Can we Now Tell What “Direct Participation in Hostilities” is?: HCJ 769/02 The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel v. the Government of Israel