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  1. Molar excess of coordinating N-heterocyclic carbene ligands triggers kinetic digestion of gold nanocrystals
  2. Free Energy Calculations and Conformational Analysis of Dibenzo-30-crown-10 with Sm2+, Eu2+, and Three Halide Salts in THF Using the AMOEBA Force Field
  3. Molecular Dynamics and Free Energy Calculations of Dicyclohexano-18-crown-6 Diastereoisomers with Sm2+, Eu2+, Dy2+, Yb2+, Cf2+, and Three Halide Salts in Tetrahydrofuran and Acetonitrile Using the ...
  4. Molecular dynamics study of Sm2+ and Eu2+ in water with polarizable AMOEBA force field
  5. Studies of Functional Defects for Fast Na‐Ion Conduction in Na3−yPS4−xClx with a Combined Experimental and Computational Approach
  6. Application of a Novel Ultrasonic Technology to Improve Oil Recovery with an Environmental Viewpoint