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  1. Protect your Data and I'll Show Its Utility: A Practical View about Mix-zones Impacts on Mobility Data for Smart City Applications
  2. Asymptotic Distribution of Certain Types of Entropy under the Multinomial Law
  3. The Impact of Mobility on Location Privacy: A Perspective on Smart Mobility
  4. A a novel deep metric learning method
  5. Behind the Mix-Zones Scenes: On the Evaluation of the Anonymization Quality
  6. Malware‐SMELL: A zero‐shot learning strategy for detecting zero‐day vulnerabilities
  7. A Classification Strategy for Internet of Things Data Based on the Class Separability Analysis of Time Series Dynamics
  8. White Noise Test from Ordinal Patterns in the Entropy–Complexity Plane
  9. Effects of population mobility on the COVID-19 spread in Brazil.
  10. Leveraging the self-transition probability of ordinal patterns transition network for transportation mode identification based on GPS data
  11. CALT: Uma Ferramenta Automática para Cobrança do ICMS em Operações Interestaduais
  12. Author Correction: A detailed characterization of complex networks using Information Theory
  13. Analysis and Classification of SAR Textures Using Information Theory
  14. A tabular sarsa-based stock market agent
  15. Internet of Things device authentication via electromagnetic fingerprints
  16. Agro 4.0: A data science-based information system for sustainable agroecosystem management
  17. Leveraging Phase Transition of Topics for Event Detection in Social Media
  18. Learning and distinguishing time series dynamics via ordinal patterns transition graphs
  19. A detailed characterization of complex networks using Information Theory
  20. Dynamic Temporal Mix-Zone Placement Approach for Location-Based Services Privacy
  21. Load balancing in D2D networks Using Reinforcement Learning
  22. The Quest for Sense: Physical phenomena Classification in the Internet of things
  23. Detection of Bots and Cyborgs in Twitter: A Study on the Chilean Presidential Election in 2017
  24. Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for Diagnosis of Diffuse Lung Diseases
  25. Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for Diagnosis of Diffuse Lung Diseases
  26. Enriching Traffic Information with a Spatiotemporal Model based on Social Media
  27. Event Detection in Social Media Through Phase Transition of Bigrams Entropy
  28. Exploiting Daily Trajectories for Efficient Routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  29. A Non Intrusive Low Cost Kit for Electric Power Measuring and Energy Disaggregation
  30. Evaluation of Deep Feedforward Neural Networks for Classification of Diffuse Lung Diseases
  31. Identifying Communities in Social Media with Deep Learning
  32. On the Comparison of the Social Dynamic of Large Cities through Participatory Sensing
  33. Proof-Carrying Sensing
  34. An integrated access control and lighting configuration system for smart buildings
  35. Characterization of electric load with Information Theory quantifiers
  36. On the deployment of large-scale wireless sensor networks considering the energy hole problem
  37. An embedded access control system for restricted areas in smart buildings
  38. CO-GPS: Energy Efficient GPS Sensing with Cloud Offloading
  39. An intelligent transportation system for detection and control of congested roads in urban centers
  40. A Reactive and Scalable Unicast Solution for Video Streaming over VANETs
  41. OASys: An opportunistic and agile system to detect free on-street parking using intelligent boards embedded in surveillance cameras
  42. Topology-Related Metrics and Applications for the Design and Operation of Wireless Sensor Networks
  43. Speckle reduction with adaptive stack filters
  44. Cloud-assisted Computing for Event-driven Mobile Services
  45. DRINA: A Lightweight and Reliable Routing Approach for In-Network Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
  46. Energy efficient GPS sensing with cloud offloading
  47. An efficient and robust data dissemination protocol for vehicular ad hoc networks
  48. Cooperative target tracking in vehicular sensor networks
  49. LIAITHON: A location-aware multipath video streaming scheme for urban vehicular networks
  50. VIRTUS: A resilient location-aware video unicast scheme for vehicular networks
  51. Characterization and mitigation of the energy hole problem of many-to-one communication in Wireless Sensor Networks
  52. Supervised Biometric System Using Multimodal Compression Scheme
  53. LEAP
  54. Assessment of SAR Image Filtering Using Adaptive Stack Filters
  55. Topology-related modeling and characterization of wireless sensor networks
  56. Centrality-based routing for Wireless Sensor Networks
  57. Data Driven Performance Evaluation of Wireless Sensor Networks
  58. A reactive role assignment for data routing in event-based wireless sensor networks
  59. Error estimation in wireless sensor networks
  60. Skin Detection in Web Imagery: Comparison of Techniques and Proposal
  61. A software package for the simulation of magnetic hysteresis