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  1. Characterization of California olive pomace phenolic fractions
  2. Adsorption mechanisms of alginate oligosaccharides with specific degree of polymerizations on a novel ion-exchange resin: Experiments and simulations
  3. A 3in1 foodomics data visualization and analytical method
  4. Improving textural properties of gluten-free veggie sausage with egg white proteins
  5. New zero-waste technology upcycles olive pomace as 'sunscreen' of asphalt pavement.
  6. Machine-Learning Driven Raman Spectroscopy for Rapid Detection of Oil Quality
  7. Extracting phytochemicals from the US olive pomace that contains $3.6 billion values per year
  8. Natural Phenolic Compounds as Anti-obesity and Anti-cardiovascular Disease Agent
  9. Se/Li Biofortification of the US Midwestern Grapes
  10. Machine-Learning-Driven Raman Spectroscopy for Rapidly Detecting Type and Adulteration of Edible Oils
  11. Comparison of plant-based proteins properties
  12. Machine learning-driven Raman spectroscopy for rapidly detecting type, adulteration, and oxidation of edible oils
  13. Insights into the nanofiltration separation mechanism of monosaccharides by molecular dynamics simulation
  14. Influence of the physical conditions of a xylose and arabinose solution on nanofiltration separation performance
  15. 1H NMR studies of starch–water interactions during microwave heating
  16. Separation performance of multi-components solution by membrane technology in continual diafiltration mode
  17. High purity oligosaccharides made from wheat straw by nanofiltration via computational prediction
  18. Purification of lactulose syrup by using nanofiltration in a diafiltration mode
  19. Cost model for chitin production alkali wastewater recovery by couple-membrane filtration
  20. Coupled model of extended Nernst–Planck equation and film theory in nanofiltration for xylo-oligosaccharide syrup
  21. Modeling and membrane resistance analysis of stainless steel membrane in alkali wastewater recovery processing
  22. Study and modeling of the separation characteristics of a novel alkali-stable NF membrane