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  1. Patients' Perspectives About the Acceptability and Effectiveness of Audiologist-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Tinnitus and/or Hyperacusis Rehabilitation
  2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Alleviating The Distress Caused By Tinnitus, Hyperacusis And Misophonia: Current Perspectives
  3. Parental Mental Illness in Childhood as a Risk Factor for Suicidal and Self-Harm Ideations in Adults Seeking Help for Tinnitus and/or Hyperacusis
  4. The relationship between hearing loss and insomnia for patients with tinnitus
  5. Parental separation and parental mental health in childhood and tinnitus and hyperacusis disability in adulthood: a retrospective exploratory analysis
  6. Proportion and characteristics of patients who were offered, enrolled in and completed audiologist-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy for tinnitus and hyperacusis rehabilitation in a specialist UK clinic
  7. Factors Associated With Depression in Patients With Tinnitus and Hyperacusis
  8. Incidence of Discomfort During Pure-Tone Audiometry and Measurement of Uncomfortable Loudness Levels Among People Seeking Help for Tinnitus and/or Hyperacusis
  9. Insights from the first international conference on hyperacusis: Causes, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment
  10. Open REM
  11. Gabapentin for Tinnitus: A Systematic Review