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  1. Effect of Fiber Anisotropy and Interphase on the Stress Jumps Across the Fiber/Matrix Interface in Fuzzy Fiber Composites
  2. Addressing Thermal Distortion in Additive Manufacturing of Topology Optimized Structures Through Reverse Shape Morphing
  3. Enhancing aging resistance of glass fiber/epoxy composites using carbon nanotubes
  4. Interface and Interphase in Carbon Nanotube-Based Polymer Composites
  5. Catalytic-free growth of VACNTs for energy harvesting
  6. Compression and fracture behavior of leather particulate reinforced polymer composites
  7. Interphase engineering in CFRP: Rate sensitivity of IFSS and interfacial fracture toughness
  8. Quantification of carbon nanotube dispersion and its correlation with mechanical and thermal properties of epoxy nanocomposites
  9. Interfacial shear strength of carbon nanotubes based hybrid composites: effect of loading rate
  10. Designing the interphase in carbon fiber polymer composites using carbon nanotubes
  11. Augmenting mode-II fracture toughness of carbon fiber/epoxy composites through carbon nanotube grafting
  12. Quantitative determination of size and properties of interphases in carbon nanotube-based multiscale composites
  13. Effect of carbon nanotube grafting on the wettability and average mechanical properties of carbon fiber/polymer multiscale composites
  14. On the nature of interface of carbon nanotube coated carbon fibers with different polymers