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  1. Pharmacological Evaluation of Aldehydic-Pyrrolidinedione Against HCT-116, MDA-MB231, NIH/3T3, MCF-7 Cancer Cell Lines, Antioxidant and Enzyme Inhibition Studies
  2. Fabrication and characterization of glimepiride nanosuspension by ultrasonication-assisted precipitation for improvement of oral bioavailability and in vitro α-glucosidase inhibition
  3. A new strategy for taste masking of azithromycin antibiotic: development, characterization, and evaluation of azithromycin titanium nanohybrid for masking of bitter taste using physisorption and panel testing studies
  4. Aceclofenac nanocrystals with enhanced in vitro, in vivo performance
  5. Isolation and preliminary evaluation of Mulva Neglecta mucilage: a novel tablet binder
  6. Evaluation of Prunus domestica gum as a novel tablet binder