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  1. Mobile phone data for informing public health actions across the COVID-19 pandemic life cycle
  2. Climate migration myths
  3. Beyond the local – Exploring the socio-spatial patterns of translocal network capital and its role in household resilience in Northeast Thailand
  4. Correction to: Do translocal networks matter for agricultural innovation? A case study on advice sharing in small-scale farming communities in Northeast Thailand
  5. Assessing Refugees’ Onward Mobility with Mobile Phone Data—A Case Study of (Syrian) Refugees in Turkey
  6. Policy Implications of the D4R Challenge
  7. Also long-term migrants keep strong and enduring connections to thier place of origin
  8. Informality, urban governance and the state: negotiations of space in Dhaka and the Pearl River Delta
  9. Conclusion: Linking Migration, Environmental Change and Adaptation — Lessons Learnt
  10. Environmental Change, Adaptation and Migration
  11. Introduction: (Re-)locating the Nexus of Migration, Environmental Change and Adaptation
  12. Agency and the Making ofTransient Urban Spaces: Examples ofMigrants in the Cityin the Pearl River Delta, China, and Dhaka, Bangladesh
  13. Introduction