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  1. Parasites in cats and dogs
  2. Responsible use of parasiticides in pets
  3. Parasites in cats and dogs
  4. The Promise of AI in Veterinary Medicine!
  5. UK emerging parasite threats
  6. Global profiling of protein lysine malonylation in Toxoplasma gondii strains of different virulence and genetic backgrounds
  7. Vatinoxan: a new development in the clinical use of α2-adrenoceptor agonists in dogs, part 1
  8. Flea product efficacy, pet owners' adherence and treatment failure: what's the connection?
  9. A snapshot of the adverse effects of companion animal ectoparasiticides
  10. A retrospective survey evaluating the prescribing tendencies of UK veterinary surgeons, relating to the use of anti-inflammatory drugs in canine angiostrongylosis
  11. A snapshot of Flea products and Reasons of Treatment Failure
  12. A new look at ectoparasiticides used in small animal practice
  13. Predictors of canine lungworm disease
  14. Optical sectioning in multifoci Raman hyperspectral imaging
  15. Visualizing the interaction of Acanthamoeba castellanii with human retinal epithelial cells by spontaneous Raman and CARS imaging
  16. Veterinary Parasitology. By MikeTaylor, BobCoop, RichardWall. Wiley‐Blackwell, Oxford, UK, 4th edition, 2015, (1032 Pages), ISBN: 978‐0‐470‐67162‐7, Price £149.99 (hardback).