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  1. What treatment and services are effective for people who are homeless and use drugs? A systematic ‘review of reviews’
  2. Study protocol for the SHARPS feasibility and acceptability study
  3. Using shared activities to talk to young people about substance use
  4. Relationships and communication about substance use
  5. Do emotional intelligence and previous caring experience influence student nurse performance? A comparative analysis
  6. Physical activity in pregnant women with Class III obesity: A qualitative exploration of attitudes and behaviours
  7. The relationship between emotional intelligence, previous caring experience and mindfulness in student nurses and midwives: a cross sectional analysis
  8. The outreach worker role in an anticipatory care programme: A valuable resource for linking and supporting
  9. ‘It’s just a way of approaching things now’: staff perspectives of an anticipatory care programme in Edinburgh
  10. How well do strategic environmental assessments in Scotland consider human health?