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  1. Clinical Trial of Herbal Treatment Gene-Eden-VIR/Novirin in Oral Herpes
  2. Human papillomavirus (HPV): systemic treatment with Gene-Eden-VIR/Novirin safely and effectively clears virus
  3. Clinical study of Gene-Eden-VIR/Novirin in genital herpes: suppressive treatment safely decreases the duration of outbreaks in both severe and mild cases
  4. Gene- Eden-VIR/Novirin a new possibility for genital herpes
  5. 3-Econsystems: MicroRNAs, Receptors, and Latent Viruses; Some Insights Biology Can Gain from Economic Theory
  6. Commentary: The unliganded glucocorticoid receptor positively regulates the tumor suppressor gene BRCA1 through GABP beta
  7. The latent cytomegalovirus decreases telomere length by microcompetition
  8. Latent Viruses, Microcompetition, Transcription Factor Deficiency and the Cause of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
  9. Microcompetition with latent Epstein-Barr virus causes a transcription factor deficiency, under-expression of retinoblastoma, and classic Hodgkin lymphoma
  10. Gene-Eden-VIR Decreased Physical and Mental Fatigue in a Post Marketing Clinical Study That Followed FDA Guidelines; Results Support Microcompetition Theory
  11. Gene-Eden-VIR Is Antiviral: Results of a Post Marketing Clinical Study
  12. Gene-Eden, a broad range, natural antiviral supplement, may shrink tumors and strengthen the immune system
  13. Belief change as change in epistemic entrenchment