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  1. Modelling and Stability Analysis of the Dynamics of Measles with Application to Ethiopian Data
  2. A Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of COVID-19 Transmission Dynamics with Optimal Control Strategy
  3. Mathematical modeling of the spread of the coronavirus under strict social restrictions
  4. Analysis of novel fractional COVID-19 model with real-life data application
  5. Mathematical modelling and analysis of COVID-19 epidemic and predicting its future situation in Ethiopia
  6. Optimal Control Strategies and Cost-effectiveness Analysis Applied to Real Data of Cholera Outbreak in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region
  7. Computational modelling and optimal control of measles epidemic in human population
  8. Deterministic modeling of dysentery diarrhea epidemic under fractional Caputo differential operator via real statistical analysis
  9. Co-dynamics of measles and dysentery diarrhea diseases with optimal control and cost-effectiveness analysis
  10. Parameter Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis of Dysentery Diarrhea Epidemic Model
  11. Modelling the dynamics of direct and pathogens-induced dysentery diarrhoea epidemic with controls
  12. Optimal Control and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Dysentery Epidemic Model