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  1. Investigating the impact of metal ions and 3D printed droplet microfluidics chip geometry on the luminol‑potassium periodate chemiluminescence system for estimating total phenolic content in olive oil
  2. Metal–Organic Framework Loaded by Rhodamine B As a Novel Chemiluminescence System for the Paper-Based Analytical Devices and Its Application for Total Phenolic Content Determination in Food Samples
  3. Controlled Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of the 2D-BiOCl/2D-g-C3N4 Heterostructure for the Degradation of Amine-Based Pharmaceuticals under Solar Light Illumination
  4. Adsorption of chlorpheniramine and ibuprofen on surface functionalized activated carbons from deionized water and spiked hospital wastewater
  5. Characterization and application of nanocolloidal Mn(IV) in a chemiluminescence system for estimating the total phenolic content in pomegranate juices using a nanodroplet microfluidics platform
  6. Enhancing the chemiluminescence intensity of a KMnO4 formaldehyde system for estimating the total phenolic content in honey samples using a novel nanodroplet mixing approach in a microfluidics platform
  7. The Co3O4 nanoparticle-enhanced luminol-O2 chemiluminescence reaction used for the determination of nortriptyline hydrochloride and lamotrigine in pharmaceutical and environmental samples
  8. Chemiluminescence selectivity enhancement in the on-chip Ru(bpy)3 2+ system: The potential role of buffer type and pH in the determination of hydrochlorothiazide in combined formulations and human plasma
  9. Microfluidic photoinduced chemical oxidation for Ru(bpy) 3 3+ chemiluminescence — A comprehensive experimental comparison with on-chip direct chemical oxidation
  10. Synthesis and spectroscopic study of 2,7-diethylamino-2-oxo-2H-chromen-3-yl benzothiazole-6-sulfonyl chlorides and its derivatives
  11. Removal of Cu2+ and SO42− from aqueous solutions on surface functionalized dehydrated carbon from date palm leaflets
  12. A comprehensive evaluation of three microfluidic chemiluminescence methods for the determination of the total phenolic contents in fruit juices
  13. Preparation and characterization of surface functionalized activated carbons from date palm leaflets and application for methylene blue removal
  14. Competitive removal of heavy metals from spiked hospital wastewater on acidic and chelating dehydrated carbons
  15. Adsorption of lisinopril and chlorpheniramine from aqueous solution on dehydrated and activated carbons
  16. Removal of Zn2+ and SO4 2− from aqueous solutions on acidic and chelating dehydrated carbon
  17. An enhanced cerium(IV)–rhodamine 6G chemiluminescence system using guest–host interactions in a lab-on-a-chip platform for estimating the total phenolic content in food samples
  18. Health co-benefits in mortality avoidance from implementation of the mass rapid transit (MRT) system in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  19. Nanotechnology: a clean and sustainable technology for the degradation of pharmaceuticals present in water and wastewater
  20. Spectrofluorimetric determination of aluminium in water samples using N-((2-hydroxynaphthalen-1-yl)methylene) acetylhydrazide
  21. Microfluidic Precolumn Derivatization of Environmental Phenols with Coumarin-6-Sulfonyl Chloride and HPLC Separation
  22. Determination of the pseudoephedrine content in pharmaceutical formulations and in biological fluids using a microbore HPLC system interfaced to a microfluidic chemiluminescence detector
  23. Terbium sensitized luminescence for the determination of fexofenadine in pharmaceutical formulations
  24. Combination of capillary micellar liquid chromatography with on-chip microfluidic chemiluminescence detection for direct analysis of buspirone in human plasma
  25. Size-dependent conductivity dispersion of gold nanoparticle colloids in a microchip: contactless measurements
  26. Parallel Microdevice for High Throughput Analysis of Levofloxacin Using tris (2,2′-Bipyridyl) Ruthenium (II) and Peroxydisulfate Chemiluminescence System
  27. A lab-on-a-chip device for analysis of amlodipine in biological fluids using peroxyoxalate chemiluminescence system
  28. Adsorption of fexofenadine and diphenhydramine on dehydrated and activated carbons from date palm leaflets
  29. Microfluidic device for estimating phenolic/antioxidant levels
  30. Determination of amlodipine using terbium-sensitized luminescence in the presence of europium(III) as a co-luminescence reagent
  31. Photoinduced oxidation of a tris(2,2'-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II)-peroxodisulfate chemiluminescence system for the analysis of mebeverine HCl pharmaceutical formulations and biological fluids using a two-chip device
  32. A review of nanotechnology development in the Arab World
  33. A lab on a chip device for the determination of tranexamic acid using a peroxyoxalate chemiluminescence system
  34. Microfluidics Group – Department of Chemistry, Sultan Qaboos University
  36. Flow-based analysis using microfluidics-chemiluminescence systems
  37. Ciprofloxacin adsorption from aqueous solution onto chemically prepared carbon from date palm leaflets
  38. High-throughput method for the analysis of venlafaxine in pharmaceutical formulations and biological fluids, using a tris(2,2′-bipyridyl) ruthenium(II)-peroxydisulphate chemiluminescence system in a two-chip device
  39. Towards an ideal method for analysis of lisinopril in pharmaceutical formulations using a tris(2,2′-bipyridyl)-ruthenium(ii)-peroxydisulfate chemiluminescence system in a two chip device
  40. Determination of Meloxicam Using Europium Sensitized Luminescence in the Presence of Co-Luminescence Reagents
  41. High throughput method for the analysis of cetrizine hydrochloride in pharmaceutical formulations and in biological fluids using a tris(2,2′-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II)–peroxydisulphate chemiluminescence system in a two-chip device
  42. Analysis of fexofenadine in pharmaceutical formulations using tris(1,10-phenanthroline)-ruthenium(II) peroxydisulphate chemiluminescence system in a multichip device
  43. Development of a selective fluorimetric technique for rapid trace determination of zinc using 3-hydroxyflavone
  44. Analysis of phenylephrine hydrochloride in pharmaceutical formulations and biological fluids using (2,2′-bipyridyl)ruthenium(ii)-peroxydisulphate chemiluminescence system in a two-chip microdevice
  45. Enhancement of on chip chemiluminescence signal intensity of tris(1,10-phenanthroline)-ruthenium(II) peroxydisulphate system for analysis of chlorpheniramine maleate in pharmaceutical formulations
  46. Determination of Meloxicam and Flufenamic Acid in Pharmaceutical Formulations and Biological Fluids using lanthanide Sensitized Luminescence
  47. Determination of piroxicam in pharmaceutical formulations and urine samples using europium-sensitized luminescence
  48. Efficient protein digestion with peptide separation in a micro-device interfaced to electrospray mass spectrometry
  49. Analysis of phenols in water by high-performance liquid chromatography using coumarin-6-sulfonyl chloride as a fluorogenic precolumn label
  50. A sequential injection spectrophotometric method for the determination of penicillamine in pharmaceutical products by complexation with iron(III) in acidic media